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2023-06-20 - 1:44 p.m.

I just was working on a newlsetter.

And realized SOMEHOW the last one I did send out; the FIRST for our professional org

SOMEHOW did not save my MOST RECENT iteration

and the final that went out was MISSING TWO whole articles I actually drafted!!


HOW the fudge did that freaking happen?

This just frustrates me.

I think I recall it happening and somehow hoped ( HA HA) I had time for the re-do.

Well, at least I have decent good content for THIS MONTH.

I also recall in part one of the reasons-

I wanted to reach out and get PERMISSION to use someone elses visual. There is a site I LOVE and follow that I wrote an article highlighting. I had the DRAFT of my article.
I saved ittt
I reached out to try to find the content creator ( who is prolific) to get PERMISSION to share one of her great visuals- with kudos and permission to cite her work.

OTHER than just talking of how great her content is for newbies and well seasoned professionals alike.

The thing is I had the whole darn article AND ANOTHER article and somehow neither were SAVED and NEITHER showed up in the FINAL newsletter that went out that was THIN on content.

I can recreate.

I have a great timely topic. And info to share.

Time to go now. Giving up where left off and can finish this in the next week or so to go out next week OR the following. ( Would have liked to get it out sooner cause there is a regulatory change NO ONE has really had buzz about yet that I think interesting an important.)

Whatever. I will get it out when get it out. Maybe will have an event to promote too.
Will see.

Just disappointing as these sites that are supposed to save every draft iteration are finicky and the app using is not letting me revert back to prior versions which would like to do with an older version- to recover my articles written but lost.

Whatever. I am the queen of the RE-DO.

I have perseverence.

ADHD teaches that skill well.

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