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2023-06-22 - 7:06 a.m.

Nothing can make as much of a mess as the ADHD person packing if doing so at the last minute.

I came home and entered by bedroom to see the result of the whirling devilish type packing.

This is how my one kid would get ready EVERY morning as a kid:
The opening of not a drawer or two
But EVERY drawer and rifling through them to fund that one perfect thing they were looking for

My bedroom is reminiscent of mornings 🌄 when I has that kid all ready for school to go help another kid then cane back to find their room ransacked and the kid had shed the school clothes and was twirling happily downstairs in tge living room in a leotard and tu tu and ballet slippers.

My room looks like ransacked by thrives
Or a Tasmanian Devil 😈

It was just a surprise to me to open the door and SEE the state of it! I forgot that in my packing and time had that I has a couple constraints. One was the mattress I set up at the foot of my bed abuts the dresser I could barely access ( the bed the college grad was asked to use rather than take over the living room as bedroom. The kid did share my room for ONE week of a visit once this year and it was NICE! They slept well, others could enter the living room without disturbing the kid. BuT this time the kid never made it upstairs. Their stuff also has never made it past the front quarter of my living room.

Gandalf saw what looks like the hoarder pile

I mean that kid has a lot of stuff. HAS to downsize
Spoke of putting their stuff in my attic fir storage. They were gracious about me having had to rent their bedroom out. I apprechiate that understanding BUT what I don't get is why when here abd they visit their DAD they also brought MORE things from his house here!

The kid may be surprised there is not room on the attic. Heck before AUG I need to clean out the attic and purge getting rid of what I can.

One more month with the college grad.

Honestly now not minding the kid camped out in the living room. The kid did head upstairs the one day I did want Gandalf's company here ( he wanted to accompany me to church, curious as to my beliefs/faith. He has genuine interest and happens to be agnostic but raised in a Christian family. Early years were of involvement in a church so he has old church friends from 30 plus years ago still in his 🌎. One brother is a bona fide so called missionary.

I say so called as honestly I live near DC.

I have met "missionaries" before

And just saying .....interesting how their " spiritual " outreach and " evangelizing " is in hot spots at times...

I find this suspicious 🤔

Maybe my overactive imagination

But I feed like " Sure you are so faithful filled you want to evangelize...."
But always wonder who is footing the bill , what the agenda really is...

Not a fan of white "saviors" abd sure there are bona fide good Christians also trying to do good work but....

Ok I won't go into that.

I did enjoy meeting the one gal that ROCKED her mission marketing and successful raised money from these rich folks in NoVA so she could live in a Guatemalan village (I think 🤔 if recall correctly ) to teach.

Of couse she met a fellow....of couse she will maje a life there....been fun to watch the " missionary" work ( I found her personal social media when folks handed over their money to support her travels). Not a bad gig.

I should not be so cynical. But even in my church I am tge one who followed the money. When a National org special collection was for " at risk" Youth I dug to find out WHAT the ACTUAL programs the money supports.

Everything is a business....

Even a country.
And Religion sells.

( But also is an excuse for wars which is the most perplexing and infuriating/ frustrating part: How to be in a fsith community NOT intersecting with that violence.)

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