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2023-06-22 - 12:26 a.m.

It's the little things which show care that I apprechiate so much in Gandalf.

He was quick to tip the lady who had helped me navigate in a wheelchair from the plane to the curb where he was there to pick up my kids and I, because I asked if he had cash to help me do this - a bit mortified I forgot to carry cash and none of the kids had any either, and she did not take Venmo.

Upon arrival home to drop us off he offered to take Bellatrix on a walk. He has walked her every time he has been here to help out, either as I get ready to go OR before he leaves.

I find this so very thoughtful. His delight in my dog is so wonderful.

He laughed along with me in response to my kids ...
When I kinda tried to reprimand them for squabbling in the back seat of his car on the ride home, and one said " Mom shut up we are not arguing!" - In a laugh in this way that somehow was sooo validating. As I did not want them to be grating on his nerves I waa trying to het them to censor themselves and think I was reacting more to my bros and my older siblings reaction to them - and the laugh , maybe he laughed first? But maybe I did in nervour laughter but his HEARTY genuine laugh just relaxed me immediately, and there was no tension whatsoever in the interaction

He does not have kids of his own but he spends time with a number of FRIEND'S families. He is tight with so many whole families, and came from a large one , is kinda like an uncle ( as well as actual Uncle) to many and is clearly used to large family dynamics and not at all put off by the noisy chatter.

I mean he and I talked on the ride home from the airport, well funny thing is he was talking more than me and I was listening, as he excitedly told me about his past weekend and upcoming week;

And it made me relax 4 sure

That laugh

It was It was one
of delight
Not nervous

Goodnight...I fell asleep 😴 writing this.

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