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2023-06-22 - 9:14 a.m.

ADHD peeps can help the rest of the world just RELAX and NOT PANIC
and sometimes keep a level head and understand

things are ok
will be ok
and no it is not a crisis

SEE we are EXPERTS at understanding

as my old boss said
"There is more than one way to skin a cat."

She was from Bermuda, with a very British upbringing. Spoke the Queen's English, very proper...
but she would come out with these surprise gems.
Her brother was in Parliment... I mean a CLASSY lady...

he was also close with Julian Bond....a fun fact I found amazing. I mean there was more to her than met the eye... not soley the stright and narrow attorney

BUT I was never more delighted than when she said quirky phrases I never heard before. That was my fav

That and her impeccable pronunciation of "SCHEDULE" its like there is a rolling in there...
like the rolled Spanish languages... and my brain can't figure out WHAT is rolled and how to do it..and she was a pro at that


Anyway I recall when traveled to Bermuda it suddenly occurred to me MY BOSS at the time was from there. I should have found clove cigarrettes for her and regret to this day I did not.

I liked her much which is why it was so painful when SHE fired me.

But... in any case... wish I was her friend rather than her employee to be honest.

Oh and back to the point-
If for some reason...
some UNKNOWN Reason ( the reason is ALWAYS UNKNOWN)
you end up at the gate and the ID you had brought when first embarked on travel is no where to be found, just NOT in the wallet where kept. OR in the phone with the other few cards...

WELL There are OTHER WAYS and
YES in this day of tech it is very likely
I mean unless you have lived in a cave or literally under rocks off the grid and have no presence in this electronic world AT ALL

SURE it is a process.
Sure it will take longer.

And I likely should have MORE PRIDE That to write of this here. BUT YEAH
We were LUCKY our flight was delayed. Cause there we all were in the airport

and my liscense was no where to be found. I HAD it when picked up the rental car. I did not pull it out to return the car to my knowledge. (Maybe I did ? IDK)
(Maybe I dropped it right there inadvertedly? I Mean now that I think of it maybe I DID think they needed to see my ID..... )
HOWEVER it happened, and wherever the liscense landed, it was not on my person or in my possession at the security checkpoint.

IN Orlando they have a separate little stand with a kind TSA agent who's job it is to help the feelbleminded ( HA HA)
the old
the onery (HA HA- I just watched a hilarious show with my Dad and Bro , some HBO show Olive Kitteridge
of her stubborn streak and confusion when asked to take off shoes for the process of undergoing security protocol at the airport when flying as an old lady.)

and the plain old careless ADHD persons who are more apt than others to lose things...

So don't panic if it happens to you. TSA has its ways...,you%20can%20reach%20your%20flight.

My kids were kinda chill. They all just went through security and waited at the gate for me. I agreed that was the best course of action. Less confusion. That decision was likely led by the one who is least empathatic but I felt a good idea to be honest.

I knew I was not going to NOT make the by then very delayed flight.
I Knew it would not be THAT HARD to confirm my actual identity.

In fact, with my credit cards etc...
AND A PRESCRIPTION Pill bottle from my Dr Post Op
The guy let me go through. He cleared me. Of course quick look at what he could see I am SURE electronically.

Hell for all I know this diary could be a TSA fav HA HA HA HA

I mean that dude at that station might have times where there are NOT flighty, confused or actual criminals trying to sneak by him,

Oh wait...
if there is NOT A Diaryland ban at work there SHOULD BE. I mean really.

I find it actually both concerning (as in DUH is this not obvious?) AND funny at the same time that there had to be a regulation banning use of Tiktox for feds.

I mean come on now. I hope most feds have freaking COMMON SENSE

OH yeah... but who am I to mock the plebs? HA HA I mean the fed plebs.... Suppose few feds would have made it to the airport NOT knowing they did not have their license with them.

The funny thing about this is that (forgive me if mentioned this already) EN ROUTE when LEAVING for the Fl trip, one of my KIDS forgot THEIR ID. The kid left their wallet ON THEIR BED.
Gandalf who drove us to the airport was a .... I mean what is the word? A gentleman, a patient saint on this earth helping us out, our saviour in the moment...
I mean the guy drove us to the airport then as we waited he turned around a drove the one kid back home to get the wallet sitting on her bed ( something covered it in the packing process- ADHD Gene be damned! HA HA)-
and got her back in time such that we all made the flight.



Today I just looked up to see my ACTUAL Dr. Appointment is at 10:45

OH fuck- i best get outside as my RIDE should be here any min. I told them its a 10:30 appt.

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