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2023-06-30 - 1:39 a.m.

There is only one room in my house ( 🏠 excluding rented basement) which is well organized, clean and not a cluttered mess:
The youngest 's bedroom.

I swear the youngest is the only one who is not inclined to accumulate things.

My livingroom and bedroom are both overtaken by all the stuff of the recent grad who came home after final May term.

The piles of stuff are in my living room. The kid is going through them , organizing and trying to downsize abd the process is messy and slow. It requires moving things all over in smaller piles apparently.

The kid is sharing my bedroom now. Stuff migrated up here.
My bathroom has my clutter and due for declutter/deep cleaning. ( I just cleaned toilet and sinks to disinfect but did not declutter).

I have the new fixtures to install and tools 🔧 sitting there as well. I have to get that project done.

So basically my house looks like mayhem just now.

I overheard the kids say something about having a yard sale.

I also had a lovely phone conversation with my oh so talented actor/ stylist creative friend who does marvelous work at a local non profit that runs a thrift store.

He was telling me how he just got a paid role full time. He has been a dedicated volunteer and is brilliant in so many ways.

He is tasked now with trying to convince leadership of the non profit to make income from salvaging clothing rather than paying for its storage.

The non profit takes EVERY donation.
Now think of all that crap people get out of their homes causing clutter. If the non profit accepts it all, well then it is actually PAYING for its storage until it either is sold, repurchased, recycled or salvaged.

I get it why Salvation Army sells more clothes compacted and shredded for salvage than clothes in stores to people to be worn again.

You just have to throw stuff out or it is untenable and a mess in your space!!

So in a way as I look at this mess laugh as sure its overwealming

But I am letting the kids go through the process of figuring out how to downsize ( they do not want my help)

And heck I'm comparison-
Could be worse! 😆 🤣

My friend has the whole county's clutter to figure out what to do with!

Of course he is thrilled to have this project!

And I am thrilled to have an invite to a pool party 🥳 on the 4th at the impeccable, clutter free, stunning home - honestly mansion is fair description, where he lives( the family moved and its georgous abd staged for sale!)
That this stylist designed along with the couple who hired him who are dear friends.

I hope the air quality is better by the 4th! It's actually not a party in the house but poolside on the lovely grounds. The gardens my friend created there are stunning.

Last weekend Gandalf and I came across a 4th of July celebration in a tiny historic town when driving back from his river house. It was so wonderful as we enjoyed it- magical ✨️!
Food trucks and live music 🎶 played, then music on a sound system until the fireworks display , which was one of the best fireworks shows I have seen anywhere. Far exceeded expectations of the tiny town celebration! It felt really special to me to feel like to be wuote honest I could celebratemy own emancipation feeling like my heart was unbound and finally set free to love.

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