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2023-06-30 - 1:38 p.m.

When the Pres of client calls and says
"we REALLY need your help. We are falling behind. You will see work starting to come in on Monday"


I could have told him happy to start today.

Finished what I can for other clients today.

Its the waiting game.

Happy to have multiple clients as the worst is when I want to close a deal fast and there are others I am waiting on.

I obsess and keep checking email. BUT I am NOT an employee so am not on the clock all that time.

I also do other things
LIKE NAPPED all morning.

Seriously I love running my own company. I checked email at 8am; maybe again 9:30

and then napped til 11:30

even though went to bed early. I did have a middle of night wake up moment in which realized
JULY Is almost HERE
TIME TO get the AC fixed.

I seriously waited til now as did not want an enviromentally crappy one.

The supplemental home insurance company sent me to the SAME VENDOR they did two years ago who should have replaced it two years ago.

I was kinda glad the vendor claimed they could fix it then BUT only if I paid for FREON which is not covered under insuance and quoted $1800 to do it.

CAUSE that meant they did not put in a NEW system, which two years ago was not as efficient and as good for the environment as the ones that they can now install.

They had a grandfather period.

BUT NOW they HAVE to put in more efficient SEER and I forget the other metric-
I forget the deets now but all I know is July 2023 was the date waiting for after which point regulations mandate the better system install.

AND I am rather sure they might also be prohibited from maintaining those freon systems that are awful for the environment.

Will see.

It is so hot up in the bedroom as with the air quality alert we have not been opening any windows.
It is fine not having AC when can open windows at night
HOWEVER when can't open the windows we can't take advantage of letting in the cool night air.

I think it was 196 air quality warning # ( of what I have no idea- whatever dangerous particles)
Over 50 is concerning with folks with asthma.

So this is a good time to fix the Heat Pump/AC.

I have to text my tenant now and see if it is OK that the technichian comes Monday morning!

So a nice relaxing day. Napped; did a bit of work; got a nice call that my services are sorely needed from my fav former workplace where the CEO is just a wonder.

I mean she is a force herself.
Love this woman.
I watched her run her company and after I was fired for the BS
which I knew was BS
(from those worried as the equity partners were pruning- heck on a sinking ship throwing anyone else overboard might ensure your survival... I get it....but its ugly and I get thrown as I just can't throw someone else ....)

I also know that I can swim.

I LOVE to swim!

I know this. I love a challenge to a point. I will always keep afloat and land on my feet on land and persevere and keep moving forward.

I have that confidence.
I vascillate as have at times also the wisdom to know "This is good enough. I don't NEED MORE"
and savor the time to really enjoy the moment in with peace.

But then I relish the joy of good work that I can do that helps others.

So now I am looking forward to the transition of more work with this client!!

OK time for one more nap.

YEAH Really.
I am also catching up. I was resting and pampered and cared for so lovingly by Gandalf and so cherished all the time with him

BUT I can't say I slept all that well. It was interrupted.
He works nights alot. I would fall asleep in his arms and he would get up to work a few hours, or sleep in the chair downstairs. He gave me space to rest alone.
BUT Then when he would come back to lie with me

My body on fire

This restraint and self control franklly has been SUCH FUN.
I highly recommend it.

Honestly if anyone has a relationship that has become familiar and boring and they need to kick up the sex life-
just try making some rules of things you CAN"T DO

Post hysterectomy forced avoidance of sex
irnoically has been such a fabulous thing

and the WAITING for STD results for safe measure. I think that is important!

Oh my beloved just texted me. Thanking me for having done dishes. (It was the one thing I did.)
Did I mention he is a good cook?
He seems to get genuine joy out of cooking for me, and well, joyful in doing anything with me/for me so lovingly.

Nice talking on phone with my walking friend former co worker. I have to catch the bus to work tonight and its a slow lazy hot afternoon so another nap, maybe chat with friends. Maybe play guitar a bit. I have listened to more music in the last week with Gandalf than I have in a long time. Very inspiring. Was listening again this AM as worked a bit.
I work at 5 so just a couple more hours home then off. I just love the fact of absolutely ZERO stress in life just now!!
It feels so nice to be at a point where I am comfortable with this.

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