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2023-06-30 - 8:23 a.m.

I have not ever caught COVID

If I do
it will be because of my friend Dr. Fauci! HA
I liked that knickname for my older gentleman friend who has the grey hair and oval shaped face like him, my neighbor the teacher

WHO - when I was walking Bellatrix and saw the car of him as well as his son/DIL and knew they ALL were home- and that their dogs were home

AND saw the main front door open (with the storm door closed) and the dogs sense Bellatrix's presence so they came running noses pressed as we were walking by

I and Bella of course wanted to go up those steps,.

She was as delighted to see her friends home as I was to see my friend home.

So I knocked
and he saw me- started to come to answer- I saw him get a mask and put it on

and he comes outside on the porch

And he has some hearing loss so he couldn't hear me well

ITs the older person need to read lips thing

SO he says that he and his girlfriend just came back from their trip to Scotland with her kids
and of course is eagar to talk and I want to hear all about it.
and I want to tell him of my guy and my travels with family to FL

AND he can't hear me
so the first thing I say as I take the mask off just for a min for him to read my lips is

"Besides this air quality which is dangerous today, I haVE to mask- there is COVID .AT XXXXX"
(Yeah an outbreak at the skilled nursing facility happened. Someone came in sick and it spread. )

So he says
"Here too"

and clarified that he and his whole household are battling Covid. He is rather sure that he caught it when stuck in the airport on the way back from his trip.

*I am just a couple feet away, with my dog-

yeah my unmasked dog and you know I am not convinced she could not be carrier. Heck if anyone in this family DID Catch it , it may have been Bellatrix about a month ago when she was so tired and lethargic and also coughing up plegm for a few days. She bounced back but clearly did not feel well a couple of days.

I backed up DOWN the steps and off the little porch so I was no longer standing next to Fauci,

to get the social distance

Well aware however he was still ABOVE me and even at six feet or more I was then downwind.

IT WAS outside
so figured would talk for just a VERY FEW quick minutes then go.

IT was akin to a speed catch up.

That was the intent- but of COURSE JUST THEN the next door neighbor's of his I don't know- the fireman and his wife and new baby arrive home and I am being introduced.
and there was the few moments of friendly chit chat.

Them asking Dr. Fauci how he and all are feeling, if they need anything- perfectly comfortable as they are next door and it is outside after all

I was a good distance away but still LOWER than him

I awoke with that sore throat feel

I just hope it is the typical allergy feel in the AM which I get in my own house. (Serioulsy it happens HERE. Very annoying. I do awake with irritation and throat scratcy and sore here on occassion and I think it is allergy and goes away).

It it is however COVID
I have my roomie of my kid here just a couple more weeks. The one that HAD been sleeping in the living room UNITL last week when I was at Gandalf's.

The kid is going to spend time with sibling and his Dad this weekend

SO If I do have it that would just SUCK if they get exposed
on the one night we both are here.

and a hope that this is allergy only

And that the then few more minutes to just hear the fast account of Fauci's return trip
and for me to tell him

ever so briefly that the Fl trip was great and I met someone I REALLY LIKE

and we would catch up soon enough

was not TOO LONG downwind....


I left and kept on with the walk.

The air quality was awful. Kept an KN95 on the whole time but for that one moment of allowing him to read my lips.

SO honestly my risk should be low -

HOPE he is recovering well. He said he got bronchitis symptoms of the awful breathing and it was bad.

In other news my oldest was supposed to do a show a few weeks back and I saw on the advertisment it was "postponed" and I was reminded that my oldest had contracted and gotten over COVID just weeks before we all convened in FL.

I am so grateful that we ALL WERE HEALTHY And could all travel on our trip!

The trip was so nice!
I truly was able to rest and was cared for.

My brother that lives with my DAD was our family hero for this gathering. I mean he just cooked for this whole clan EVERY DAY
and rocked it.

He was so happy to have us all there and was such a gracious host. NORMALLY when I visit I actually deep clean the whole house so that it gets done-

Spring cleaning style.
My other brother also does same- so its been on him for the past few years.

BUT my bro who lives with DAD is doing great with general maintenance. He had gotten the pool ready for us.
He did not get as far as cleaning the pool AREA
Trixie needs a walk-
so done for now!

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