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2023-07-01 - 10:59 p.m.

The kids who were worried most about the air quality and did not want to open windows are visiting with their Dad this weekend.
They left yesterday;
so last night their sibling opened up the house.
I came home and it was SO REFRESHING to feel the cool night air!

Sure there are still some toxins circulating....but hey I am allergic to something in my OWN home already such that when I sleep here if it is all closed up I have a sore throat in the AM.

I am SO GLAD that was all the itchy, sore throat was the first night back her- ALLERGIES.

I just realized I have no idea where my inhaler is. I did pick up a new one. (I think?) I could have sworn did.

That thing is the biggest PIA to keep track of.
AH I just threw one out that stopped working. I think it got clogged and I rinsed it and then must have somehow broke it cause it would not spray at all anymore. Oops...
Somehow it was broken so I tossed it.

Just annoying with air quality worst ever to not be able to find them.I had filled the scipt and thought I got a couple of them not than long ago so it is frustrating to not find one good, current inhaler here somewhere. But it has to be here somewhere!

The real issue is I am way overdue for cleaning my room. It will however wait a couple more weeks as I really am still healing post op.

I have to be judicious in what chores I do. My legs actually HURT right now! After working , which did require quite bit of walking. I lock up the building, deliver messages, help with thermostat and TV settings etc. at the Assisted Living place.

There are pains in my leg just now.

I suppose as I did walk more today than have been. I worked the Skilled nursing facility in the AM today, which is much more sedentary than the Assisted Living place as I do not leave the front entrance. Every room there also has a phone so it is a much busier switchboard.
Then I walked from there, to the Assisted Living place as they are literally in the same neighborhood about a 15 minute walk away from each other.

The Assisted Living layout is such that I can go down any hall and hop in a room to help someone quickly and be back in a flash in the hall and SEE the front foyer so am not likely to MISS anyone coming in the building.

The layout is just so condusive to seeing the front foyer from any of the halls.

Its really well designed building.

The funny thing is that it also is an absolutely beautifully decorated building yet the new equity partner owner somehow feels the need to re-do some decorating. It has these very stately tall white pillars in an atrium area with a mural of the sky in the center with a table and centerpiece of a lovely dried flower display. At Christmas time that is moved and there is this massive Christmas Tree- seriously the largest I have personally seen, that fills the high ceiling.

The colors are very traditional; Very Southern it seems to me.

So the enviroment is really so beautiful and relaxing and its a joy to be there. When you are in such a stunning building it really makes you feel special.

OH my joy today was my own little personal what I consider my Artist's Date. I splurged and ordered coffee and macroons this AM while at the one job. I just really wanted a cup of coffee!
The Assisted Living place is the better gig to be honest as
1. They have coffee!! ( Seems a small thing but seriously- this is huge. They have better food, a cafe with coffee or tea RIGHT UP FRONT which is very accessible to where I sit greeting folks. The cook is SWEET and brings desert to me at times! )
3. More hands on with the residents- really get to know and help them out.

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