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2023-07-02 - 10:11 a.m.

Bummer, No online church today. I knew about this but kinda forgot about it-
today is the outdoor service, accompanied I think by a pot luck picnic style for Father's Day and celebration of all the recent graduates.

I likely should have called to ask for a ride, even though my leg is feeling sore and hurting. I know once I stretch it will be OK

AND I could have just sat and stayed off it for the most part since have no responsibilities at church just now.

Ah well. I am still in PJS

So will just miss church today as was resting still.
BAD TV Marathon to continue until I have to catch the Lyft to work. Philo review: It stinks Not Free Free only for 7 days then $24.99 for a service that plays TONS of commercials, advertises shows that are not actually available, at the price point that is much higher than Netflix or other services that do not have the commercials. Binge watching the one show and then will cancel. One of my bestie's called and started chatting. So stopped watching bad TV and got myself moving. The phone was downstairs so I had to hobble down to get it. That got me moving- then got ready and the good news is ONCE MOVING my leg started to feel better. I guess the bound muscles loosened up. Morning stiffness and pain mitigated. Good news. UPDATE: Walked Bellatrix for just a short walk which was fine. Caught rude to work and when got up to help someone can barely walk on that left, sore leg again. I will have to go have it looked at. Swear I will have seen the Dr. More times the the past two months than have in prior two years!

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