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2023-07-02 - 6:36 a.m.

I am reading of the horriffic sinking of the ship off coast of Greece.

The issue is complicated as there are traffickers of course
there are also voluteer humanitarian orgs helping refugees get out of countries.

Just absolutely horriffic that a sinking ship would be left to sink when it could have been prevented. Politics/ Desire for profit by the captain?
Whatever confluence of reasons-
clearly the judgment call to do nothing was just wrong.

I thought of the movie The Swimmers was fantastic in that it really captures the complexity of this issue authentically.

I don't write about "news" here much. One of the things I do apprechiate about my part time weekend jobs is the opportunity to read the newspaper and keep up to date with what is going on in the world. The one place historically ordered one paper for the facility that gets delivered along with any of the resident newspapers. Part of the morning routine is to bring the papers to each of the rooms they are for as the newpaper delivery person just drops the box off with them all. The extra goes in the Cafe for the residents to read along with their coffee if sitting in there. There have always been a couple who enjoy this. We who work reception KNOW who those are- and their patterns and currently the lady who most enjoys to go read that paper does so AFTER breakfast. SO there is some time BEFORE That in which in the morning , if it is a quiet morning- before I put the paper in the cafe I get a few moments to take a look at the news.

When I can I get to read it during the hour that the residents are in breakfast and then have it out in the cafe by the time they are done. If it is a busy morning there may not be opportunity- but on occassion the busy time is helping out before breakfast, pouring coffee as all sit down if the kitchen staff is short that morning-
but then there is the quiet time when the phone is not yet ringing ( not officially "business hours" yet! Still before 9), when I sometimes can look at the day's current news.

I sometimes read the papers at work days after issued from the recycled papers and catch up on what is going on. Kinda like the netflix binge of a show- on a Saturday evening I will binge read the weeks news. Some residents do get the paper and then put them in the box where they are discarded. I grab my cup of coffee and often there is a discarded paper not even opened. I take the clean ones and read them ALL on a Saturday night before I take the recycling out to the dumpster on the weekends and discard them.

This is one of the perks of the job. I get to read the paper without having the mess of managing them and getting rid of them in my own home! I at one point got the paper at home but after working there stopped!

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