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2023-07-02 - 7:43 a.m.

ADHD moment of last week for me:

Going to the Dr for a couple of reasons but forgetting to ask the Dr. To look at my leg which is still hurting from having bikes too far, too fast and having done something to it.


I did have to walk alot at work yesterday at the Assisted living (2nd Shift). The cute sandles worn were a bad choice. I tossed them in the trash when I got home. Nice chunky heal , strappy black sandle which in theory looked comfortable enough. However my wide feet were in pain after the walk from the one skilled nursing home to the assisted living place. A 15 minute walk and I had blisters!

I came home and soaked my feet.

But not after walking Bellatrix of course. I mean I HAVE to walk her upon return home.

She was feisty and excited and on a mission to see her doggie friends who could not come out and play (since the house has COVID!)
My tenant told me she is pulling her very excited and RUNNING around the neighborhood! I told her where my friend and the doggie friends live and she said YEAH That is where she is being led! LOL

This morning I just got up, made coffee and ate some cereal for breakfast while listening to the classical station. Relaxing morning, BUT then I get up and can barely walk. That left leg is just in pain
a shooting pain
its all bound up I guess after sleeping.

I am not sure if it needs more rest to heal
or if it needs streching to get loosened up and to be able to move without pain.

I am going to take some ibuprofin to reduce inflammation as perhaps there is some contributing?
I just am not sure..
And will rest a bit more and then get up and stretch and try again.

BUT it is concerning cause honeslty can barely walk on it. I mean I can but it is hurting.

The healing from the operation is fine, just still a bit of soreness after moving alot ( like yesterday) and trying to be mindful not to over do it for that part of body.

I should have asked my Dr. To look at it!

I do think I may be eligible for physical therapy without any referral so will call the office I really liked that helped me with the other leg injury in the past to see if they take my insurance. They are in walking distance ( after I get over the stiffness! I know this is morning stiffness and once stretch it will be BETTER. I KNOW that- but also figure rest a bit can't hurt as clearly something is still in need of healing and repair and when I overdo it it gets aggrevated.)

Paying bills yesterday and today. I just decided I am going to watch bad TV for a while until attending church on line. I considered asking someone if they could give me a lift (from the congregation). I thought of a lady I like who lives not that far and its kinda on her way- BuT I think my leg is just in need of rest today so not feeling it now. I signed up for a FREE Philo TV 7 day subscripiton the week in FL solely cause the show my son is on was advertised as available there. WRONG I don't know it if EVER was ! If it was and then just not the new seasons but they never removed the images OR if it was false advertising! I was so bummed. I watched the show that came out along with his that he met all the actors on as they were doing promotional tours together. That one IS on Philo so I watched a few episodes of that. Will binge watch and catch up with that today MAINLY As I did that DUMB thing of FORGOT to CANCEL the * FREE* subscription!! DANG that is money I did not intend to spend which went through on the 28th I think! So bummed. $24.99 a month! Hell that is expensive!! SHEESH I pride myself in always cancelling and blew it. So I will watch some bad TV at least before I cancel it. Catch up on the other show I did watch the first few seasons of. * unfortunately the early seasons were better for this show to be honest! its getting boring...repetetive .. hope it kicks up and gets a bit better..

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