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2023-07-02 - 3:34 p.m.

One of the med techs at work got me a bag and ice to take care of my leg.

She thinks that may help!

I just did not think of it even though I actually know what to do. I am far better when someone else gets hurt at thinking of what they should do than when I am hurt!

My response is to ignore pain until I can't, I suppose.
I am going to try to not move from the receptionist desk much tonight.
I will help out less than usual unfortunately! I put a movie on at the request of a resident and even the short walk was difficult.
I realize the ibuprofen I had taken worked post op for other thing was masking the injury, and basically it wore off! I did take some this AM, but I forgot to put it back in my purse so will just deal with the discomfort until I am done with work tonight.

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