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2023-07-03 - 9:32 p.m.


This is important

I was an early adopter of energy efficient LED lights in my home. Heck I was proud of transitioning a whole agency's facilities to these for the energy efficiency 25 years ago.

I wonder if this contributed to the disruption of circadian rhythm of my family.

Salt restricted diet - seriously I thought it waa heakthier so did not add salt to anything for years! MY DAD has to watch his sodium so long before my kids were born I developed the habit of NEVER using table salt and reducing it in recipies .

I did things I thought were healthy which I now wonder if contributed to POTS triggers?

What about tge need for iodine?
I heard mention recently how iodine is added to table salt because it is do essential to our health.

Well I can't know what choices I made well intentioned were not the best.

But it is interest to me when read something that sheds more light on a thing I had not fully understood before.

We are always learning.

I am glad ot is raining ad it's 83 and feeling hot. Maybe it will cool down abd I can open up the house. Talked to my Buffalo guy about all the things I like about my boyfriend tonight as it was our once every few weeks catch up phone call.

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