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2023-07-03 - 10:55 p.m.

My kids have so much anger at me.

I asked one to help me cause my leg hurt and the kid said No then went off on me " Good your disabled now so maybe you will have some empathy for what it feels like"

I waa astounded at this anger and bitterness and said " I never refused to help you when you adk for help. Don't get mad at me just because when I am in pain I ask for your help just because when you were in pain you did not ask for help "

The kid then went off on me about how I did not care when in high school and they had to walk to school.


I recall I had to be on time in an office and the school was not even open when I left. I recall I was happy to give kids a ride if they were ready to leave at 7: 30 AM!

But they did have to walk of not ready that early.

I also recall their doctor saying the walking was GOOD for them!

Perhaps that was incorrect, but I was trusting the expert!
This is a very good article as it explains why that moving walk was hard. The one kid did go lay down for hours sometimes at school until reast to go to class. BuT the kid then did make it to class. I guess at the time I thought better for that kid to do what he could in school, even if missed chunks of time to rest after the walk there.

They are so angry I am not sorry that they all walked yo school ( as they say "were made to walk to school" by me. )

What the hell
Alot of anger and blame.

It's not my fault they all had the genetic condition thst is known to be triggered by

They had alot of fucking trauma

Bit the blame game does not help anyone .

There were many factors contributing to their POTS.

But they act like it was most exasperated by my insistence they walk to school in high school.

It was really an insistence I find a job to provide for us all and my insistence that I be on time for my job. That waa back in the days I had to report to an office!!
How can I apologize for doing the best I can with what I knew at the time? Heck the doctor was positive about their reports of walking. She said it was IMPORTANT to continue that.

Maybe that was wrong as the flares were too much. But it's kinda impossible to know for sure, yet the kids report they felt worse after walking so they have to be trusted as to how they felt.

I just wish they would get over the anger and blaming me.

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