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2023-07-04 - 9:42 p.m.

I actually fell asleep around 8pm
Has a nice nap after the afternoon pool party. I did swim a little but was careful not to overdo it.

My leg feels much better than yesterday for sure.

Swimming less , I don't know the word- stressful, painful? Not triggering the pain like walking too much did. Might be an issue if how much movement.

I walked to the store and back and gave my dog a couple walks today OK.

I just now thought of the sedative I have to calm my dig before Vet appointments and tried to give some in peanut butter as she is anxious with the fireworks tonight.
She is not having it. Doesn't trust and is onto me trying to slip a Micky

I think she figured that trick out a while back.

Wish I thought of it and had used cheese BEFORE the fireworks began.

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