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2023-07-05 - 2:56 p.m.

What the hell.
Whatever I do for my kids is received as being inconsiderate and selfish.

Today I awoke and sat clearning my desk, the writing desk I use for working, writing and sorting and paying bills which unfortunately is in the central part of home in our living room.

I had to move other peoples stuff that was piled on it indiscriminately as if it is a common shared space. Over one break when a college kid was home I had cleared it and kept the desk clean and let the then college kid know they could use it if they needed a quiet , cleared space for getting work done. (As the kid had some work to do).

I did not extend the offer this time- but I believe it was assumed. Last time I said I kept it CLEARED so it could be used however.

So this time the now gratuate piling their stuff on it in sorting it was not apprechiated and made little sense to me. It was a clear not respecting a boundary.

YET I am getting yelled at for having worken up the kid who was sleeping in the living room. DESPITE the fact I set up a bed upstairs and asked the one thing of this kid- that they do not make the living room, a shared space, into their bedroom such that others have to tip toe around them.

That was made CLEAR I thought by me. That one request of mine.

So as I worked on my bills, I came across a debt collection letter for THIS KID Of mine. Its a medical co pay. It was a bill not initially processed with insurance- likely as the kid got care but did not have their insurance card with them in the moment.

I thought it was an act of kindness that in paying my bills I called to pay THAT one too! I freaking even paid it with a credit card so I could give this graduate the gift of going off into the world without a bad ding on their credit history.

So as I was on the phone trying to pay the bill between 10 and 10:30 AM- it seemed logical when the representative indicated they needed permission for me to pay the bill for a 3rd party to speak to the individual who's bill it is-

Well it made sense to me in the moment to ask the kid who was laying asleep on the couch "Can you wake up for one minute to give permission for me to pay an outstanding medical bill of yours?"

The kid did take the phone, was polite on the phone

and went back to sleep.

Upon waking later the kid went off on me about my selfishness as to how he had only three hours of sleep and I was inconsiderate.

Can't win with this kid.

I get it that sleep is important. But why the hell then did the kid not go to sleep upstairs?

The did sleep there a few nights WITH ME and there seemed no issue. So not sure why suddenly the kid acts like they can't sleep with me in the room. Like my breathing even it too loud for them to fall asleep. ( Funny they kid had their computer on half the night. That however is not seen as a factor. Smmmh....The kid has awful HABIT but that is not seen as a factor. That is seen as because of insomnia. And that may be true but the kids here could all TRY To regulate their sleep cycles and I don't see any of them willing to TRY.)

I am being patient for one more freaking month.

If these kids don't get the hell out of here by SEPT WELL I swear I will then make some changes. THEN there will be ultimatums

JOB and RENT paid.

I am sick of being abused in my home by ungrateful adult kids..

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