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2023-07-08 - 7:53 a.m.

I have been woken up ever night by one kid. It feels very passive agressive to me. Wait , no more like aggressive.

Nothing passive about it. There is resentment from the oneckid that when I wake and go down to the kitchen and make noise doing dishes it has woken him.

But it us the youngest who once again barged into my room calling me selfish fir having retrieved my box fan from the living room and having putvutvbsck in my bedroom window.

No respect or boundaries.

I taught these kids when little to knock before entry abd not barge in.

Needing to circulate air at night doors are open now when it's the hear of summer. But that should not mean just barge in.

I just ordered another box fan which should be here tomorrow as we really do need another. It's just sad to me the lack of courtesy and lack of respect. I even caved and did dishes again after leaving them to pike up so tge kids had full opportunities to choose to do them. I left them and just went to work but when cane home abd not only were they not done but the pile was huge with standing gross water that was my limit of being able to leave them.

The kids did cook together and naje lasagne the night before but they never clean the kitchen when dine cooking.

And I mean that absolute.

One kid did dishes once last week.

It's hard for me to get things done here when everyone is home and sleeping all day but up all night.

At least they are working together on their sorting of their things and packing. The one is packing for the new job in Japan and the other to head West.

I also ordered a mold test kit. It's been on my to do for a long time.

But what do I do with a positive test?

My kid heading West is angry and says it is our home which has made them all sick 😫

I have already bought mold killing cleaners. I have strong air purification cans you can blast that clean air. Heck I spent money on one to use in the hearing AC system but then it broke.

I never used it

I have tried mold mitigation DIY. Back when could find the Clorix spray with ammonium chloride that kills mold better than bleach ( years ago ) uses that.

So the kid saying there is black mold cause see it in sink rim believes and told me once move will be abke to work cause notvliving in a moldy environment. ( I still say so get your ass to another environment 40 hrs a week- like the supermarket bakery for example, or floral dept....)

It's such a BS excuse to not work EVEN IF TRUE that there is mold in this house
Which I am sure is true

I mean I have battled it for years. Not sure what value naming the type of mold will have.

I know I get a sore throat and itchy eyes and postnatal drip allergy symptoms and the occasional headache and ocular migranes.

My bedroom has more allergens for me it seems than when sleep elsewhere.

I noticed that when stayed at my boyfriend's abd he has an old house that settles and releases dust but I don't think it has the moisture issues this one has. My house abuts a large farm , and a dense tree fillled forest like part of it uncultivated which is lovely but yes it is wet!
Moss and mold has to be power washed off the houses and porches here.

This is another reason I can't see just repairing the compressor and paying $1300 for refrigerant . This house needs a new , improved system with a really good air filter.

I sm not sold on UV air systems as they release ozone and can cause asthma. In fact I think they may do more harm than good.

Ah I guess I just answered my question by writing. I do that
Think it through and process as I write.

If there is a positive test for black mold or other bad mold causing health issues then I need to not be so proud abd ask for help to buy a new system.

Get over pride abd go into debt.
Even though still owe 4000 to one brother. ( My monthly insurance payment to now shift to pay him each month. Heck I need to send a check abd letter today thanking him abd letting him know that. Early next year he will get the remainder due with tax return.)

If the air quality is NOT bad we can keep on without AC

Heat works in winter ( not as efficient but it is sufficient ).

But it is the moisture in the house in summer which is a problem. The humidity is high here all summer.

The irony is the climate my kid is planning to move to out west is very humid. Months ago I was reading about mold mitigation and many of the threads ( on Reddit) were about the area the kid is planning to move to.
I mean the grass is not always greener....

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