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2023-07-16 - 1:53 p.m.

My guy sweetly brought a few little things from his recent travels.

I told him the one thing I started to collect were thimbles so he picked up a couple on his vacation. He is giving me the gifts one at a time ( as he asked how I wanted to receive them and I said slowly, surprise me randomly). I did receive the big one right away: a georgous knit sweater.
White and grey
Soft wool

So the funny thing is he does not know what these little characters from Iceland are which were depicted, but the first thimble had a character I liked as it resembled him to me
Long hair

It is hilarious to me upon reading of it 🤣 that it is a character depicted over what seems to be the 12 days of Christmas in Iceland, kinda akin to mischievous elves that pop up during the season
This one is the Peeping Tom! Lol
A kinda creepy character 😳

We both got a hood laugh out of that.
We will have fun slowly reading what can of folklore and traditions of Iceland together after his travels

Off to work soon after a lovely morning. I worked last night til 9, got picked up and stayed with my boyfriend at his house 🏠 ( in town) and he drove me home in AM to walk the dog 🐕 and straighten up quickly and then drove me to Church. He then headed to spend the day with his family- Dad and siblings and some of their kids. I caught a ride from one of my church friends home and am just enjoying this relaxing time for lunch listening to classical music before the Lyft comes to get me for work this afternoon.

Life is so good! I am so grateful🙏 .

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