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2023-07-21 - 9:04 a.m.

Today I don't have any need to write.
My writing emerges out of necessity.
It is the way to quell the anxiety and worry and capture thoughts I know are fleeting so they can be marinated, digested and only the helpful ones that nurture life may be retained in my head, the rest waste expelled here. This is the act of relieving self, this typing or scrawing of ink that flows on journals pages.
This journal is the septic tank capturing that I don't want to leak into life
The fears
I let them go here
Occasionally also the writing hold the hope. The desire, the planning
The to do

That is helpful to think and set intention. It is , I am sure not as interesting to some.

Why are we drawn to want to watch the accident
The house on fire
The news if the political pundits atrocities
The ponce schemes and dramas?

Why is there such fascination with the sensational?
But I write also write to capture the joy.

Joy that is so profound it needs to be shared.

Here are some latest joys
My greatest joy is in creation
In love
In shared expression beget by love

Of of healing and that too is affirming love. Yes even when digesting and processing and expelling the bad
When it is healing it is love.

When one creates to help another heal it is a great gift

When one creates out of depth of feeling it is such a wonderful gift.

That someone saw you

Seeing and wanting to reflect you.

What a blessing to have artist friends, creatives that just naturally do this as that is how they love

Thst is how they function and can process the pain and heal.

So today I thought I don't have to write as this morning a Twitter poet asked for recommendations of contemporary poets of the surreal.

I was delighted to add comment of a link to my oldest's writing - the gifted poet who captures the esoteric. The self image is even blurred with intentionality in a picture with multiple exposures so fabulous and itself otherworldly, ghost like. Yes I would describe my oldest as a gifted contemporary poet of the surreal ( among other things as multi talented.)

Recommending reading her work felt like enough of an accomplishment today adding to poetry Twitter.

The poets are why I am on Twitter. They are vocal there abd it us si much fun, like wandering into a hidden hole in tge wall place in a dirty corner of an old city that has the best coffee and empanenas.

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