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2023-07-26 - 11:27 a.m.

I waa frustrated trying to work on the computer I had dedicated to my one client.

I was trying to work from the library and assume it was a good security feature that resulted in the fact I could only open email via Office 365 on the web but not download attachments.

I had to go to the library to take care of financial aid forms to be signed (wet signature) and then scanned and emailed to the college financial aid office. It was a PIA
I mean the 30 min walk there and back...mid day...on a hot summer day. I did bring my dog and water for us both.

I did stop and visit with my friend who's office is in town en route. I mean we were walking RIGHT by. She is the lady running the local construction company. Nice to catch up. I also wanted to ask her if she wanted me to send her a Consulting Agreement or not....if she really just wanted a bit if good will help. I AM ok with that which is given to the local business association. ( My auctioned off services the company bought) But I needed to let her know the docs reviewed already actuslly took the 5 hrs of my donated time. She sent me something else. She honestly Said " Good will" so we left it at that as I was direct and asked if she wanted to discuss rate and sign a Consulting Agreement for further work but she really doesn't have interest or need.

Honestly she abd her hubby were just being kind supporting local businesses.

In other words I am not spending time reviewing what she sent further AFTER the initial doc review.

I would rather just be friendly and socialize than do free work...

I have actual paid work to do. But it was nice to catch up with her and share pics of my boyfriend and tell her what's been going on in my world. We share a mutual friend or two.

So after that it was just a bummer to get to the library and not be able to get work done. I was trying simply to download from web email directly to the SharePoint drive as I was logged into the system of the client I am supporting. I did not want anything downloaded yo my machine.

I was trying yo use only the computer I set up dedicated to thst company and could not get a thing done
Because I could not download attached sent bsck files and even see them!

It was such a block of time lost. I walked bsck home and got work done for just an hour abd a half more.

Oh well.... but.
I let go of worry as it was date night.

Tue was the night off work so my boyfriend took us to a dinner cruise on the Potomac. Thanks to Groupon! It was so beautiful! Just a geotgous night and so lovely to enjoy his company and then also get to dance. I did not really dance much , it felt like dance light as had to take it easy due to my healing left leg bit I was so happy I COULD dance!

This AM I did some of the physical therapy exercises given to me years ago after the other leg's running injury.

So not a very productive work day yesterday but a lovely night! Today I am purchasing a VPN fir security and and enhanced Malwarebytes in hope it cleans up my computer issue.
That screenshot nonsense bothers me.

One should not hit paste and see screencaptures of their computer that they had not taken!!

Being ADHD it is possible I hit sone windows key. ..shortcut that is...with slip of finger....but not very likely. I have seen this happen a couple times now ...

So I have time to kill here as the VPN access and security software installs.

Just being patient.

I have work to do...

Want to dig in. But not if dont have a secure computers.
I hope setting up both computers goes smoothly.

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