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2023-07-30 - 10:39 p.m.

Tired. Have a pain in my side. What stinks is that it honestly feels like left kidney.

I have had kidney infections before; and kidney pain due to medication side effects. Pain in lower back is the telltale sign...I mean left side kinda back and front ...

My sweet boyfriend just ran to see If he can find Fenugreek tea.

I had A bacterial infection show up when blood work done, in the urinary tract. The UTI seemed better after I drank the tea and ate yogurt and drank lots if Cranberry juice. The primary Nurse Practitioner who identified unrea plasma as the culprit sent a message via My Chart I had not seen for days. I had already felt it and had uses home remedies do 5 days after her email when I read her question " Do you want me to call in an antibiotic " I figure by then it seemed moot. I thought I kicked it as was not feeling the soreness, tenderness O assume from unflammarion anymore and presumed the remedies worked.

I called the pharmacy to see if she had called the prescription in. The pharmacist said " No, we did not get an order for that for you yet, but that medication is out of stock.

So I figured the home remedies were all available anyway for a couple days. I had a post surgery follow up with the ob/gyn surgeon in a couple days from then anyway.

After that appointment the Dr. Sent me an email saying " The urine csne back clear so I am not running a culture further."


I think the only way the ureaplasma was found was when the urine culture was put in a petri dish to see what grew.
I thought that at the time but figured trust financial a l

What the hell....Falling asleep and lost that last thought..

But random thought. Not sure why it bugged me but I accident hit my Instagram and up pops a msg from 70 weeks ago ( apparently never read) from former young lover.

Should not be so very annoying. By that being there in my IG when do not expect it bothers me where find it here ar my husband.


Falling asleep writing. Just awake....and I thought typed boyfriend's house...

Awoke to see "when here at my husband's"

I waa literally falling asleep writing

Then woke to read that. 😆 🤣

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