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2023-08-03 - 9:19 a.m.

The bank that purchased my mortgage is awful at Servicing as they are ridiculously slow in processing payments.

So this month I figured I would send the payment a bit early. I had the money there

But oops.

I also counted on rental check for OTHER bills and fORGOT I sent a check out to the HOA via paper snail mail the same time I submitted the electronic payment of the mortgage.

My tenant is most often. EARLY with her rent check!! Thus time she has not made it to her bank across town and I know that it's cause she has a few days off. So she us chilling abd not driving all over town for work AND her check engine light popped on. She is having her car looked at before driving all over the place.

So I Said NO WORRY about her check just a bit late fir a rare change!!

And was not, and honestly am not concerned....

Just money

It comes and goes in exchange and I know enough is in flow 4 me...ha
I work and generate it....

BUT just Bummer the HOA paper check processed SAME DAY as the mortgage transfer of funds. Of course they post tge mortgage first.

Meaning this bank is setting self up for the next class action suit of holding funds an unreasonable time in order to use the capital

My money is working 4 hedge funds...etc. shorts? Buying and selling in the aggregate....etc....

Whatever. Banks don't hole your money in that black hole for funsies

They make tge money work 4 them..

And no way in hell the bank is that inefficient it can't really process a wire transfer in something like a week....

Ridiculous....maybe 5 days? 6? I forget when sent payment but did it early intentionally.

My error
A $70 error. Should have waited on the rent check. I got that today but they processed mortgage and then the HOA. Not sure why but then it looks like two overdraft fees? That makes no sense as money was there 4 the mortgage.

Whatever....back 2 work. 10 min morning page writing.

Today I am rocking work then have a date to see live music 🎶 Rehina Spektor at Wolftrap.

My boyfriend really is good to me. I think however I don't want mid week outings as tired from them!! I think I need to reserve going out 4 weekends for big things. It's alot of energy. I think I would like simpler, close to home dates midweek. Trouble is I have been working every weekend. I need more tome off the part time job

So its good I was given that in AUG!! Perfect actually as work for clients did increase. Ok back at it. Have LOTS to do for my Consulting clients.

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