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2023-08-09 - 11:59 a.m.

One minute of morning pages.

Rocking this day.
Got ceores done: window cleaning , laundry, heck even mowed my lawn at 8am as was chatting with my bestie in Buffalo
The therapist..

HA HA therapy

Seriously I told her I owe her $130 for the session.

Assessment: Not really bi polar. She seriously questions the diagnosis. I don't have many of the hallmarks.

Those who understand trauma know that yes delusions can momentarily happen in CPTSD
in the midst of the trauma ongoing in particular

She really thinks it is not bipolar but CPTSD

and in particular when in love in a trusting vulnerable place OR COURSE I will feel the SAME and be triggered at times.

That is how it works.

The healing happens when in the end work through the triggers and realize the outcome will not be the same.

OK enough of that.

Back to work.

I did have 1 billable hr today this AM.

That's all thus far so now for the work grind.

Am done with the ADHD procrastination productivity of getting all the shit done that lingered HA HA HA

Until had big project
that want to get done
but had to CLEAR the space and my head and get all that clutter out of the way.

All the lingering deals I needed someone else to weigh in on. Yesterday I bugged all those player to GET IT DONE

and now can move onto the project of my Priority.

Heck it requires math

MATH shit makes me want to have NO DISTRACTIONS

When it comes to money time to be on point on my A GAME.


OK That was 5 min of writing... but still... good to have balance and wanted to get it in today.
Will work
then practice guitar later.

MAYBE even a bike ride as well.

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