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2023-08-11 - 7:01 p.m.


I invoiced one client recently.

Because it was recent I have a distinct memory of the dates I billed for.

So bummed when working on one item (next step of pulling info I need to pull and generate in a short, sweet, cohesive report)
that I see the notation on the Project Plan and reporting of completed steps to realize


This is observed by me after noticing dates ledgered I worked the day after I sent the invoice and recognizing then that when transcribed the written ledgers hrs from my notebook onto the invoice I created, I somehow dropped time worked on July 12th. Oops

It was only one hour worked that day for this client....but still.

So I failed to bill for hrs worked on those two different days.


I won't edit and ask for an adjusted invoice. I will just be more diligent about ledgering hours in future.

Maybe on the 14th I left the notebook I ledger hrs in at home and on that day put in time on the project for my client elsewhere such as my boyfriend's home, a coffee shop or library. . . or a part time job.

Oh well...

Learning moment.
I could add the three hrs next month too in good conscience even though that is not being a purist if you know what I mean.
Yet it seems simpler , if I don't forget to do thst true up. Ok that would be a sorta "true up"

Back to work as doing a quick , easy thing before done for the weekend with my own business stuff.

I had a nice break last evening Kayaking just after a rainstorm while the river was high and calm.

Soooo relaxing 😎

Two besties of my boyfriend came to stay at his River House for the night and we had a wonderful time. We played a fun game , think simply called The Punny Game. It was really fun.
We sang and danced and were generally silly. Just such a nice time.

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