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2023-08-14 - 8:02 a.m.

Bloody hell
Words that popped into my mind when ,
as I am doing dishes and watching a Sistas episode on my laptop

A black command prompt screen popped up momentarily;

Flashed up then disappeared.

This is what happened thst made me concerned about my computer and tighten the security of it with an increased anti malware security program as well as a VPN to use when working.

I was happy to believe just typo of me hiting backspace and bumping put scr key on tge keyboard was sufficient explanation of recent pop up screen captures( even if honestly have no idea if that was ALWAYS the cause. Happy to not worry and let ho of concern...cause did improve my system)

But this is downright bothersome.

Just a annoying moment frankly

And disappointing more than anything else. 😕

Reminder this needs to be personal laptop and need to use the dedicated work computer ONLY for the primary client I have.

I can do that
It just makes things a bit logistically harder.

And the PIA reality that two weeks in a row when had work touch base meeting for that client I SCREWED up and did not try to log in earlier
So only discovered last min
I could not connect
Was a PIA

I just have to be sure no issue for this week's meeting.

Planning ahead with reduced distraction helps. So today I need to clean the house and ensure it is orderly so there is first of all less of the mayhem and disorganization of a cluttered space distracting me.

This house is a wreck.

It's the ADHD adult home times 4

Gor real.

Watch some videos on why the ADHD person has such a messy space then magnify it
As we have got going on here stuff of four ADHD ( almost adulting ) adults
One left but there stuff still remains. ( Even though I have to acknowledge he dud a great job putting much back in storage in the attic and reduced the living room chaos a bit).
What is amazing to me is how tired 😫 I SUDDENLY feel after a moment of that flashed on screen.

It's like my energy just gets zapped out if me.

I get why my kids sleep all the time.

When they feel that fight or flight instinct they shut down
In sleep
In healing
To reset the system

I get it

It takes longer for some than others.

I don't feel overt stress or tension or fear

No panic
No anxiety

Just a quiet acknowledgement Damn this AGAIN
Then exhaustion

But unlike my kids who are far younger obviously, so have less skill building practice of resiliency in face of abuse ( oh yes technological intrusion is nothing less than psychological warfare in many instances)
I have resiliency.

A don't really fucking care attitude
( insofar as for ME) Yet a fierce determination to not allow anyone to break me or interfere with my success

So will fight to be successful
For my clients
And care about THEIR data/ stuff being secure.

So I hustle to get it done
Both well
AnD safely
In ways possible

OTHER than the one there is interference on.

There is always, As an old boss once said
" More than one way yo skin a cat "
Or if a smart cat

And many cats are smart

Multiple ways to avoid being skinned.

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