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2023-08-16 - 7:11 a.m.

I took a Covid test which is negative

I awake with allergy symptoms and congestion in my home more often than in other environments truth be told.

I don't sleep elsewhere often BUT
when I do I swear I feel better upon waking than I do when at home! That really is a disappointment to me to realize this.

Now that may be cause the endorphins...I mean come on... when sleeping elsewhere it is typically with a lover... currently my boyfriend ( is there an age at which that word is just not appropriate to use? I think not - considering the old guy I support told me he meant to call his girlfriend, and he is a hip older dude out in California. So if it were passe for older folk to use the term boyfriend or girlfriend those in CA would be THE FIRST to know.. or first to set new trends, right? Right after NYC that is.)
Anyway, this makes sense to me as endorohins are known to provide pain relief, so just think about it... I mean I am not feeling much other than euphoria typically when I awake elsewhere. I mean sheer joy for the most part ( or heck I would not BE there. Ok that is not fair. I mean I would be there if it were not PAINFUL to be there. YEAH it needn't be euphoric over the top, I mean it could be just copacetic PEACE. but heck, if turmoil or pain.. I am just OUT. I am too old and have gone through just TOO MUCH to put up with too much. Seriously

So , the fact of waking with intense allergic response when home likely does have something to do with this environment

Mold is real possibility.

The mold test kit ordered never arrived. The order was canceled
Probably as they are not able to fill it just now.

So here I am awake with congestion and a headache. I recalled having a headache upon waking recently while here.. last week or the week before.

I did also have the asthma response of bring around a cat yesterday so perhaps that was a factor. Figures, my one friend I hang with in neighborhood once in a while has a cat. He also has cable so we were trying to watch one of the most recent season episodes of the show my son is in.

My boyfriend is so sweet AND he happens to really enjoy some bad campy TV ( also good tv! I mean it is said the writing in Buffy was fabulous. I never saw it, however that is one show on my bucket list which is evidence I believe that a show may be both campy AND have good writing.) My BD and I are watching the show my son is in together from the beginning, (Iwhich is fun- however I have seen through to about half of the last season of realsed episdoes so I want to catch up and watch the rest. Not waiting for my BF to catch up to me as that will take years for sure at our pace! (Which will be fun for sure.)

So Dr. Fauci was a good friend and helped me out yesterday. It was a long day for me of feeling exhausted all day after a great start! I awoke strong and got chores done.

Darn, dog needs walk now.
Writing cut short
SO quickly: I had walked to library and FORGOT wallet thingy... the card holder I CAREFULLY had put what was needed for the day, to get the task done at the library which required printing then signing. The machine there used to be free to do just about anything BUT print and that only cost a dime a page . They basically used an honor system. I regularly would just throw a $20 bill in as just as regularly FORGOT to bring any cash and then printed the pages I needed knowing I had actually already contributed more than I was expending in the printing. BUT they swapped out the machine with a new one and it would not even print without using a card or cash to pay up front. SO there I was, with task ALMOST done and needing to print and sign it. Sheesh, the card holder I carefully put the cards I needed for the afternoon in , was NOWHERE to be found in my backpack. Fauci was home , and had responded right after my text "Are you home?" " Do you need a ride?" I was so grateful as really intended to ask if I could stop by to borrow his printer. BUT it was WAY Easier with the document up on the machine at the library ALREADY which was a heck of a process itself frankly- I mean it was a file in my shared drive had to email to self to open and send to the printer... just multiple steps The thought of starting over when EXHAUSTED made me even more tired! (I WAS SO TIRED! I mean so tired it was hard to even be productive all afternoon.) So I said "Yes, can you meet me at the library? If you can I really need your help"/p>

He helped me print by spotting the .10 ( ha ha) 🤣 on his card and giving me a ride! It was a really hot day!. We then hung out at his place with his fam (son and DIL who are really nice! Of course they are... I mean I expected nothing less than his son to be awesome too)- cause my place still a wreck and he had cable.
We could not find the latest episodes from the last season of my sons show in the end! I think it is cause this is half way through the season techinically? So have to watch when the new episdoes come out and the prior for this year are not available unless pay for a subscription to a streaming TV platform. Swear the producer/creator makes mad money by doing that!
It was a nice evening til asthma kicked in and then it was time to go. I last a couple hrs. More than used to. Feels like small exposure immunotherapy. 😆 (Oh and happy I came back to EDIT this entry so it is easier to read! Heck my unedited stuff is a bit scary! I also filled in details with FINISHED thoughts! HA HA)

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