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2023-08-22 - 6:44 a.m.

Ah feedback please don't interrupt just received on a work call .

I tend to be better when it's a large group. More aware of trying to not interrupt.
When one on one. Or just a couple folks harder.

It like I dont recognize a pause.

One of mine just lost a friend over this.

I feel for her.

She said she is NOT able to control it

She hopes to get medication to help.

It does help!

Yeah ADHD medication really helps.

I can't take stimulants however


So good diet, sleep, exercise and TRYING to be really self aware to STOP self.

Like I should become an OCD counter...count to three BEFORE I speak

As a habit.

Heck it might work
Cause then if a pause the other person MIGHT continue in 2 sec and maybe I will have NOT interrupted them?

Its a real challenge.


But at least I received valuable feedback and am glad my coworker I support gave it to me.

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