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2023-08-22 - 2:30 p.m.

I have a couple contracts to draft and get out today. Have energy and am on point after a great exercise class and good sleep and healthy eating SO
Made a call to KIA

HERE is the history of the CASE under review with "Resolution" Dept at KIA HQ:

Filed this in MAY:

"My car is currently at the dealer and the Service Manager JUSTIN advised I reach out directly here to request that my car history be considered as to whether it is eligible for engine replacement based on
DTC P1326 Knock Sensor Detector CODE which I have records was present on my car. This first presented in 11/2019 when car lost power, did not accelerate more than 60MPH brought it into the DULLES DEALER 11/12/2019 and all that the service technician wrote was "Check engine light on due to internal engine timing issue" (THEY not document the code)- ODOM AT 136904 - told engine problem but car warranty expired 135,000 miles so was not under warranty. {BUT IS NOT TRUE!! WAS EXTENDED ENGINE WARRANTY}
The dealer re-set code (DULLES RO Number 822323/1
The check engine light and drop in acceleration happened still-
4/9/2021 BROUGHT To another garage CODE P1326 KNOCK SENSOR DETECTOR PULLED ( as wanted second opinion as to what was wrong to get quote to fix. They advised I go back to the Dealer as they thought this car had a warranty of engine- after they replaced spark plugs,coil)-drive and at again CHECK ENGINE and drop in speed
4/21 back to DULLES for P12002A EUC UPDATE and
** I Had letter of Product Improvement Campaign to address EXACT ISSUE
My car had both that AND a CAT CODE show up in 2021 just before it had 155 K miles.
Replaced CAT

* Updated info below- this was not on the intial tix. DID Call previously to communciate this to HQ:
Car has been at the KIA DEALER SINCE
It was looked at by dealer and they found the car FAILED the bearing clearance test for the rod bearing in the Engine Block. This is a known manufacturer defect, currently covered by warranty (to replace engine) for cars up to 150K
My car is over 150K
Dealer communicated with HQ to ask for approval for repair and did not yet hear back.
June 28 received QUOTE from Dulles Motorcars Kia for $8197.82 for replacement engine as it cannot be repaired.

I got a super funny email that said nothing a couple of weeks ago.

I have cleaned my car. Got all out ( but for one CD I am convinced I must have left in the car! HA HA Its like a ritual. When my car dies I bury it with good music.

I still miss the missing CD I am sure was in the Volvo when it was picked up to go to auction. Maybe someone bought that car and put in a new transmission and enjoyed listening to Dave Matthews once the car was fixed.

I forget what CD I identified as missing when putting all the CDs away I pulled from my car a couple Saturdays ago.
Jewel? Maybe. I had learned a Hands and had pulled out the CD to listen to it. Heck that is a song I could ask be quoted on my own gravestone:

"In the end only kindness matters."

So if I don't get that CD Spirit back, well so be it.

If the car is indeed dead and its next move is sale to auction, and in this case I think likely then crushed for scrap metal. (I swear the CAT converter already stripped for the valuable metal- whether or not it needed replacement. HA HA My actual mechanic was not convinced my CAT even needed replacement and warned me of such. He really thought when that was told to me they were full of !*@& It was the time those were being stripped off cars right and left when not needed to be replaced cause of some valuable precious metal that there were supply chain issues, and expensive to produce or some such problem affecting its availability and cost. Perhaps COVID related at the time. Perhaps Embargo related. Perhaps environmental hazard of its production related. Perhaps some world instability , regional weather event etc. Climate change related...
NO recollection of the why. I just recall finding it odd the same time I got my CAT replaced my bestie also had hers pulled from her Prius and she was very suspicious it was needed. We both heard of this being a thing AFTER we both trusted and had it done. Although my mechanic warned he thought it would not solve my issue! It seemed worth trying at the time.
AND MAYBE my shitty engine DID burn my cat.
The engine did run hot from the engine defect.

OK Back to work.
I can draft these docs while on hold as could be her a while.

Hopefully before an hour or so they take me off hold and my drafts are done as my kid who was rude to me before and said "Don't talk to me all day"

as they said they were busy
*no clue with what
BUT Said
" I am on zoom calls all day"

Hmmm... maybe the kid has a secret job. That would be kickin good! HA HA LOL
Maybe school prep?
Maybe Discord gaming?
No clue

They are a mystery in my home.

BUT are planning a move to go to college and very proud of the kid for their moving forward in life. Packing has been happening in my home for the past couple months actually.
One launched off to new job teaching English in Asia.
That kid did OK getting their stuff in storage BUT There are still a couple piles of things for me to tend to.
Today I made a small dent of progress in reducing clutter. There were TWO bins in my room the kid asked to stash there. I consolidated them into ONE and the things that it makes NO SENSE to save for this kid as their PERSONAL items-
things I bought and they took from the house to take to college-

like Dental picks, shampoo, body wash... just some toiltetries that are not VALUABLE
I mean the 1.99 bottle of Suave shampoo.
Really that is not a personal item the kid would be disappointed to not have saved!

I don't have space to store crap like that. HELL NO
It can be USED
and if the kid really needs shampoo or dental picks etc upon return here if they ever do return I will be happy to provide.

TRUTH IS I do not expect that particular child of mine to ever need to live here again. This is a smart, capable young adult I am very proud of who I believe will follow through with success on their dreams and plan of living in Asia as a teacher for years to come.

I would honestly be surprised if they come back here.
I have brother who has lived in Asia for most of the past 20 years who I think inspired my kid.
Heck its a pretty awsome first job after college for this kid who knows multiple languages. His rent is only the equivalent of $200 a month! Food is reasonable! The kid got placed with a very reputable and competetive program in a smaller city where prices are not as high as some of the larger ones. It is a beautiful PORT CITY which I am excited about! A lovely destination for a vacation ; )

GOAL: SAVE MONEY FOR TRIP TO ASIA! I want to visit my KID and my BROTHER and his husband there! I think being gay was the reason for him being an Ex pat! 20 or more years ago it was easier to live authentically elsewhere! I Get that.. One of my greatest joys in life however was that when he was to be married and not mention it to our parents I , as my mom would say, gave him "What for"

What a great phrase
and how perfect.

Cause I asked "Why? What for"

What is the rational?
What are the assumptions you have

They might be wrong so please re-think
OUR PARENTS are loving
and LOVE you
and will love your spouse.


And you know what?

That proved true.

Heck if my mother was still alive it would be a blast to see her growth. She was hilarious as she took a painting class, one of those paint and sip things I think and she was offended at the assumption of the colors for the tone of the child she was painting that the teacher made. The teacher continued to not get it and kept trying to CORRECT as my mom was trying to paint the carmel colored skin of her grandchildren.

She became this advocate for acceptance and suddently aware of prejudices based on skin color. She faced her own and then started vocally facing others and speaking up about it when had opportunity.

I could just see her posting rainbows and Love all memes... HA HA

I mean there is nothing funnier sometimes than the coverted zealots.

Be it religious, or other shift in awareness and perception. Their passion is both admirable and I find somehow slightly amusingly sophmoric. I sound trite I know...

I suppose I am just TIRED of folks caught up so in the narratives they are told, and the zealots so convinced they are right.

Was not going to go there with todays writing-
but I read the Washington Times today and was so struck by how there is not even one decent paper that is not polarizing in even HOW they cover news.

Wash Post seems to cover new of Trumps criminal behavior
and Wash Times has a cover story of the allegations of Biden criminality.

It is just so disappointing. I wish ONE PAPER would cover ANYTHING without bias I mean ANYTHING without such filer of preconceived judgments. The polarity of papers pespective and the obvious fact neither seems to be great at non biased journalism-
evidenced in the LAYOUT and placement and choice of story-
editorial decisioning how to shape a paper and its narrative
is just SO disappointing to me.
I try to balance being aware and a good citizen- active and engaged where it matters
NOT sheep, sleeping and unaware and complicit in letting evil grow

I mean Hitlar could not have come to power if people were not collectively passive and willing to submit to group think when group think was led by evil

So I have to pay attention

BUT I have to balance that ethical sense of remaining engaged with my own ability to take care of my home, my family first.
I mean clean your own home first and be solid caring for what is in your circle and then move outward.
Your soul
your body
your family
your home
then your community and extend outward.

Be a good steward of all you interact with and do good in this world.

I try.

SO today I am taking car of my car and the work I have before me.

back to work
A lady named VELMA is helpfully reviewing my ticket in the RESOLUTION DEPT at KIA.
She needs time to read the whole darn lengthy history

My local DEALER , upon last speaking with him told me that the OTHER KIA Dealer i brought the car to for a 2nd opinion
when the local had not documented the problem accurately

ACTUALLY DID Run the bearing clearance test

I think he said they ran it BCT and it PASSED at that point.

That makes no sense.

I think I had forgotten that it was said to have passed. HA HA I just mistakenly told Velma that they ran it and documented it failed? Said not sure why that was important cause Parsons in Winchester VA never TOLD me they ran the test and did not call it out. What THEY told me was I should not drive the car and THEY made me sign a waiver which I WISH I HAD NOT THROWN OUT

I mean I knew it was legal bullshit and not enforcable

BUT the dealer there made me sign some lol that I would not sue if the engine blew up! HA HA
They were giving a hard sell to try to get me in a new car (for real)

they were like
We can do a trade in
It might not be safe to drive

I was like
BUT it is in LIMP MODE and the engine's blow up when driven ABOVE 60 MPH getting hot
There is a temp guage working-
it is not THAT HOT and I top off fluids and I have driven this thing FOR A YEAR NOW in limp mode... (HA HA Maybe it was TWO by the time I brough it to ParsonS?)
So I was like

But signed the worthless waiver...
I mean I THOUGHT it was dumb to try to do that.

I THOUGHT YOU CAN NOT sign away rights when it comes to strict liabilty for manufacture defects so I have heard. (but what do I really know. I may be wrong.Laws may have changed. I might recall this incorrectly from law school. There are "Exceptions" To every law and if you don't know them you are screwed. )

I have to look this all up and really understand if there is any argument that is solid or give it up. It might not take that long to chase down the law on strict liabilty

I did not have time nor energy.
I prefer biking anyway

My injury feels healed enough.
I have pain at night but think I get it whether or not I exercise frankly. I feel like the injury from running a couple years ago healed as much as it will and the bike injury from overdoing it did NOT hurt when I took an exercise class today

I get pain after a day of walking alot BUT Think it will be no more or less after a day going to an exercise class or taking a bike ride or swimming frankly

so I have given the muscles ALL rest for 10 weeks.
Ready to just get back into an exercise routine regularly and that includes biking.

My boyfriend is so loving and loans me his car.


Good thing home Going to run an errand for the onery child wh asked me to drop a medical sample off at a lab. The lab closes at 4pm.
KIA answered the phone. Got the answer FINALLY
they said NO
NOT COVERED BUT they also gave the number of the Warranty repair and a name of a guy to talk to?

That was why the last communication was cryptic.

They said MAYBE They can help? what the heck. Will try and call THEM tomorrow

But now off to run the errand and then get work done.

I just felt like get this freaking done as I keep putting it off and putting WORK FIRST.

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