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2023-08-24 - 9:13 a.m.

The ADHD Way

Make a plan

Ignore it

see something so start to DO IT instead (in this case it is the darn SNAP INTERIM REPORT)

I am honest
Fact I forgot to report consulting income my bad
and I will correct it
*Even if I have to pay back benefits given when given

HELL They were received when needed

they got my kids out of the freaking house and cooking together as I let them use the card to go buy food they wanted to cook with

It is the one thing they did the past year!!
Other than game.

Fuck it
If I was on the cusp but over what the hell

We are in a fucked up system but will report actuals and see how it shakes out

It the fucking right thing to do

SO in pulling that data- ( looking for bank statements for THAT true up)
I need to confirm WHEN Started pulling salary 1000 a month ( and two months 1500)

I also saw my folder "VEC"

and read this in my VEC Appeal cover letter:

SO THIS Is the time frame of checks Might get? BUMMER if not longer and for the WHOLE Period?? BUT AT LEAST this time frame should see checks-

"I am writing to appeal the decision of VEC Deputy identified by vec1259 at the bottom of a Notice of Decision of Deputy mail date of 09/29/2022 regarding my claim for unemployment benefits during the week of 9/11/2022 through 9/17/2022.
As well as appeal to reopen my ability to file claims for subsequent weeks following from 09/17/2022 through today 10/18/2022.

I love the way they WAIT A WHOLE YEAR To resolve their BAD "ERROR " Decision

It feels fucking intentional.

Like how many people would continue to jump through hoops of completing documetation of their job hunt with a shitty system that does not work.

MOST get so frustrated they give up.

Seriously. I was an anomoly in that I KEPT filing and job hunting til found work with my own company . I am convinced manhy give up before either happen and just

go fishing

HA. (proverbially. It can be other things)

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