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2023-08-25 - 1:04 p.m.


My Psychiatrist
"Note: We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare"

thats fine.
I don't really need Lithium just now.

It would help

But the small intrusive thoughts and anxiety are seconds long

And I am fully aware of what they are

and just CPTSD MOMENTSNote: We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare

I can go see some art and enjoy beauty and rest and relax and be in the presence of the man who loves me
and be here
to have good connection with my kids
which reduces anxiety

and eat ok

and exercise

and the moments will diminish.

If for some reason they don't. She is reasonable PRIVATE PAY
and cost of lithium is dirt cheap.

I can go and private pay if need be. Will consider this and if land a new tenant quickly that will be managable and fine.

AH I just realized I did not even conciously know was doing it but found myself look out the window at the trees moving in breeze and was doing joint compressions on my right hand.

YEAH I can use some self care OT moves learned in the group homes worked in. Heck they worked for my kids too over the years.
They got worse as late teens- maybe in part cause when little at night we had a relaxation session of meditation and sometimes occupational therapy joint compressions

I mean all the relaxation techniques I faciliated in group homes as designed by actual occupational therapists who trained direct care providers were what I did.

I KNOW those are effective.
Kinda cool. I don't ususally do this for MYSELF

But just did the LEFT hand now.

YEAH it is very helpful. Release of tension.
OH YEAH " Joint compressions should always be applied by a liscened therapist" HA HA

OK for those who think liscensure is not needed and liklithood of harm deminimus
and who can't afford co pays or have energy to go through hoops to get it done-
there is this:

Choose what you want to believe-

Tutorial to learn how to do joint compressions:

* I was trained so keep that in mind. I am not really advocating doing something if you are clueless and MIGHT do it in a way that could harm.

Wondered about when someone has EDS. Can it hurt them?

NOT Sure as all I keep finding are about compression GARMETS being helpful.

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