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2023-08-29 - 6:31 p.m.

My tenant is moving. I have the security deposit in a bank so difficult to get to even with a car that since she is such a good tenant and I trust her I just offered to not cash the Sept rent check and void , rip and return it to her as the return of her security deposit.

Gentleman's agreement so to speak ( Ladies agreement in this case) as honestly in the real world happens all the time

And I think honestly the world would be a better place if we all were both as trusted, and as trustworthy and we did not need written contracts.

Sure I would be out of a job. So would most lawyers 🤔
But we all likely could find other things to do and I still think
The world would be a better place if there were such integrity.

I trust my tenant yet still felt funny doing the favor of running downstairs into her rented space cause she was just exhausted after her work and was headed out to stay with her son tonight. I felt like an intruder ! Ha.
Her hands were full and we were talking sbd she Said " Oh I shoukd have grabbed the soup I have on my fridge but I'm too tired.

I Said " I'll grab it for you"
And I went to so and also grabbed a grocery bag and put a few other perishables that won't keep long in the bag for her to take to her son.

I am so happy she found a bigger place at a great price with a room so he can now stay with her sometimes!
She is a really nice and good person I am fortunate has been a great housemate/ tenant here! She will be seriously misses by my dog who just loves her!

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