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2023-08-30 - 8:52 a.m.

Take 2: will catch 9:10 bus. Sans dog

My boyfriend waa sweet to offer to have the dog with us at his place anytime.

He is happy to drive me back here to wake her too as needed.

Bit I really want her to be here with the kids as I got her for them primarily and they do spend time with her! When awake....

When no one else is here they do let her out in the yard and occasionally walk her. Not often but they do if.

My tenant not here now so the dog won't give her priority! Bellatrix loves my tenant cause #1 she gets treats. I am fine with that and her being loved and given lots of cuddles and attention 💕 She us the happiest most joyful being and spends love. Plenty of love to ho around! So when she loves the tenant it does not mean she doesn't like the kids! One says " Bellatrix does not like me" Not true but yeah she has presence for those taking her on walks, playing and giving treats more!

I still recall the now almost 21yr old ( Birthday in a few days!!) Joy at playing with her the first couple of days she was home. Other siblings were not here ( cause that kid was the defector from Dad's earliest. They used to still go spend time with him while this kid stated home with me and refused .)

My then child/ teen was SO happy with the puppy!! Such joy and delight I had not seen in a long time. Then siblings came home and the then dominant kid of mine, most assertive ( heck in past agressive at times) started playing with Bellatrix abd the other kid backs off and retreated back into their bedroom abd wanted nothing to do with the dog.

I was disappointed they did not know how to be together back then and share companionship with the dog together. Their relationship needed work which happened during Covid lock-in.

Alot of healing of relationships happened in my family actually when they all were home together.

Time together csn help heal wounds and develop connection.

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