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2023-08-30 - 7:25 a.m.

The one job has some system of HR and payroll management which auto deducts breaks!

I find it nkt just obnoxious that employers do this bit downright unethical that they do this for low wage workers in roles of service jobs where there know dark well breaks are often not actually taken.

It's the cover their ass move
To show labor law compliance.

But HR folks the law is you must OFFER a break 4 a 6 hr shift.


If it is not offered it is wrong to auto deduct a half hour of pay from your employees.

That is a far egregious labor law violation..

It annoys me for others moreso than 4 me for the $28 difference of the paycheck I just did not approve cause wrong. Yes this month I do need that $28 too and money is tight 4 me

But for other co workers...damn....those folks for whom these service jobs are only income? That $28 a paycheck and more for many will add up over time to a significant shortage of what they expect and deserve and legally should be paid

It is an awful practice.

Yet widespread as hr and payroll electronic management systems have integrated with apps and there us the shift to ubiquitous bring your own device to work and let's have GPS and see to confirm you are on site.


I also left my phone charger at work


In past I had a habit honestly when went to work of not carrying my phone. Seriously !
There was a land line at my desk. In an emergency kids could call it. I have work numbers posted on a white board in the kitchen.

I woukd leave my phone in my car when drove in. I never carried my cell phone into the office! No one did business on personal phones! Only work lines! ( back not that many years ago)

The whole " bring your own device" waa something I was like "Nah" in response to.

I loved the last main job waa a good cultural fit in that regard! They get that! ( owner a Navy Seal who worked DOD and unfortunately paranoid as &"÷# at times- hell which I of ALL people GET! So yeah he too is like fuck that...and pays for dedicated work lines for his people! His hypervigilance about security and privacy and paranoia also informed his quick decision to fire me when he heard I was running my own company! Lol 😆 I get was truly an Impulse decision. Did not trust I was not competing and stealing his business. I felt validated when months later I did finally call one of the other C level execs who Said the team was just blindsided and heard NOTHING from him other than the matter of fact announcement I was not there anymore and that hell yeah they apprechiated and missed my help! (The surge and tough negotiations they had were over so it was then easier to manage. Honestly it was such a great job BUT truth be told I am paid more per hour from every client since so that is good YET that was Still a big loss to me overall cause I had benefit of a 401 K!! It was worth less per hr to have the excellent matched 401K!! That is the thing I miss from being an employee rather than consulting.

Damn have to get up already!! Bus to catch
I have thoughts not captured 😕 but wanted to write.....
One more minute
To add the fraking time took to review paycheck and email payroll etc and boss to correct error is also ridiculous to do to low wage workers.

It took me a good 20 to 30 min to figure out how to navigate the app and check hrs and send msg to fix. It's just rude to be doing this to low wage workers!! Some if who are mopping the floors and cooking and cleaning the ass of our aged parents and the companies know damn well are immigrants and Eng is a 2nd language abd they have neither the time or skills to be managing a fucking phone app to correct their pay when large companies are taking advantage of them.

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