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2023-09-01 - 7:56 p.m.

😆 🤣 😂

The nicest man came to visit a friend at the nursing home I am at. He is a pastor of a local Christian community, although had not revealed that until after we had a lovely chat and he asked if I had kids.

I told him I had six
He asked if I had grandkids and when I said no he said " Oh you better get on them and tell them to get busy!"

He asked if he could pray for me before he left and them Saud the loveliest lt prayer

That I be blessed with grandchildren! Ha ha 😂 🤣

And then he asked
" Is it three boys and three girls?"

" Yes!"

And he said " Oldest a girl?"

I ssud "yes"

And he prided himself, saying " " I often just know that. I just know the gender of people's kids before they tell me".

I found this amusing.

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