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2023-09-12 - 8:41 p.m.

What do you think of a non profit where the CEO makes nearly a million dollars a year?

Is that inherently evil?

My kids think so.

They have issue with College Board when they see kids that don't take AP because they can't afford to apply
and the process to apply for assistance is difficult.
Shows college board as a 4 star charity. HOWEVER the CEO makes almost a million dollars a year.

Is that evil?

The biggest gripe one of my kids I spoke to about college board is that she said "They perpetuate this system that limits access to college for kids. Admission is based on these tests that not all kids benefit from, and their use HARMS a large percentage of students."
Can't really disagree.
It is the well off, privaleged who benefit most from the stantardized testing.

My one kid said that she was told by Dad at $86 each to take an AP Exam "Choose One"

I apparently was asked and did not have the cash either. *(Yeah I recall this actually. It doesn't matter if this will save money in college tuition later if you don't have the cash or credit to pay for the AP exam in the moment.)

My kid reminded me that was the same year they stopped playing Babe Ruth Little League because of the cost.

So they are a bit bitter, addition said most kids can't afford to take the SAT more than once and there are costs to study guides, classes etc to prepare.
So it is an unfair system. As those who are well off can afford the test prep and to pay to take it multiple times. Its a total racket my kid thinks.

Can't say I disagree with this.


Agree that standard testing was built out of racism; but the question is-
CAN this process be re-framed at all?
Is there any merit in standardized tests at all?

College Board is trying to pivot to be a resource rather than a barrier.
HOWEVER there is disconent, distrust and disbelief this pivot could happen in time to actual benefit the kids in school today as it takes time to change a whole system.

So the kids today high school and college students and recent college grads (MANY not all of course, not those who do benefit and get credit for AP exams they passed who go to schools who accept the classes) are not confident this is a resource that is helpful or will be helpful.

In any case I have another kid in the family who said they are not going to pay the $40 to transfer the scores for a class that they want to re-take.

That seems dumb to me. Transfer the class as an elective. Re-take the course so you can learn more and be prepared for the major but then use the class taken alreayd as an elective. Maybe the school won't allow that?
But if they do- at least save some money if that AP exam will be accepted as a equivalent of one elective class.

Trying to help this kid! I said I would pay the $40 to transfer the AP score for the one class.

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