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2023-09-13 - 12:55 p.m.

Fun fact just discovered
Rivers are polluted to a much larger extent than I ever knew.
It is most often ILLEGAL to swim in such
I had no idea...,safe%20for%20swimming%20and%20fishing.

Just wild. To realize that took my kids for day on the river with friends and it is a fond memory but that is was likely (Even back then ten years ago?) NOT considered a safe river to swim in! (It was the Potomac)

The River house of my boyfriend is on the Sheandoah River in the northernmost part of it which is a safe place to swim thankfully.

Seems Winchester VA and south are the polluted areas of that river which is just so awful to realize.

Proud one of mine studied Enviromental Science, and took the GRE to apply to graduate programs in that course of study.

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