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2023-09-13 - 6:39 p.m.

FB POST possible... written but NOT POSTED there ( too long, too personal , bad marketing if anyone who wanted to consider me for work found my personal page somehow)

Thoughts in response to a actual post by someone else:

I am actually not opposed to use of AI in theory. I think it will emerge to be a tool like any other, and frankly- as an ADHD person who intended to hire my fab marketing resource ( I mean she is wonderful!) to design a print ad for me for a business event ( for a deadline of Sept 15th to submit) who excitedly responded to her YES! , after she sent a reasonable quote I could afford--- hmm maybe three weeks ago??, but as did not yet hear back from her with the expected product- so wanted to 1. Check the deadline ( OH SNAP Two days from now!) and also 2. Reach out to her-to check on progress- to then discover my EXCITED " YEs your hired! Make me the ad" EMAIL was still in my DRAFT FOLDER and never sent I can tell you AI tools our there are a comfort ! ( OK who else rifles off emails rapidly but then SOMETIMES shuts down the computer to take a break TOO Quickly??) *TODAY I am VERY THANKFUL for the AI ad generators!! I may hear back from the awesome designer before the 15th with a product. If so I will be delighted. BUT if not, as I may have missed the opportunity for her expert help it is excited to me to know that I have MANY AI tools to pull from! I created a couple decent Social Medial ads in just a few minutes. It should therefore not take long before I figure out how to meet the specifications of a print ad for the business event either. What the heck, maybe my ADHD moment will have saved me some money and the urgency of a deadline will spark some fun creativity ! *HA our ADHD brains really do work that way, don't they? I AM SO USED TO NOT working under pressure and have curated a life of slow and steady with great intention so this is actually not familiar to me ANYMORE... at all ( anymore being the key word there. The last minute adrenaline surge before getting something done is something used to do. I honestly can't remember pushing a deadline and having much panic at not getting it done in recent history.

* OK There was that one week of nervousness cause had a few deadline. YEAH And nervousness AFTER the fact -
cause the one seemed so not urgent and then was done by the person I support instead of complete by me (AH yeah guess that was case of the OPPOSITE I had no sense of urgency!)

YES it was like the opposite of the ADHD brain. I was just TOO CHILL about it

pendulum swing

I have curated mostly clients who are very chill about deadlines-except the one and kinda forgot to adjust to that company culture ( which was actually easy for me to work in. I LIKED it- the energy , the teamwork , the enthusiasm- yes even the urgency)

OK maybe it is better that company did not give me as much work as hoped for?

In any case, it is slow this week so plenty of time to design my own ads with the tools out there that are acutally even easy enough to find FREE versions of!

AH I have a meeting to go to now. Volunteer work thing. But then may work on generating ads and setting up marketing for my own company.

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