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2023-09-14 - 3:14 p.m.

OH and we had a ton of boxes here. I mean ALOT.
My boyfriend had a shopping spree on Amazon day. Computer stuff... hobby

I brought all the boxes here that I saw on his curb!
I shopped on line for groceries and walmart sent a ridiculous number of boxes for the order.

BUT after packing up the other kids stuff- the one off to ASIA last couple weeks, I was just surprised all the boxes were gone!

I used all of them for the most part. I did another WalMart grocery shopping. A few more boxes arrived.

BUT there are indeed not enough. We need more for the kid who is here.

AND the kid said "I don't have time to get it done"

BUT weirdly still would not tell me when they are going.
Glad their Dad apparently is driving the kid to the airport. Last night they came in wearing three coats tied at the waist and asked :
"Should I wear three coats to the airport?"

I said "YES that is the best way to move clothes! Definately wear whatever you want that you can't pack in layers. Its the way to travel when moving! You will have to put all three through the x-ray but that is fine." I just realized the kid has done some volunteer work through Civil air patrol in the past couple years. Even though not still a member a call for volunteers was sent out from the former CAP Leader- and my kid did participate as they opened it up to non members. The kid can use that as a reference when looking for a job.

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