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2023-09-20 - 7:31 p.m.

Omg I am so tired don't want to move.
Just want to nap
Am napping
Feeling brain fried

Get text from boss support

" Check email "

And it is like


IF A TEXT SENT at 7pm it's important

And my brain turns on

Start drafting doc

But it was fortunately just an error. It was already done and someone missed it. It happens.
I get it

The last moment panic when pushing deadline if big project

Yeah some deadlines are real.

I can turn on Brain fast when have to.

But it is exhausting 😴

I can't imagine another job 😫 ( I mean on top of the consulting I have)

Seriously. I don't want full time 40 hrs. My body needs to nap after 20....oh wait.
Past two days working like it is full time.

Yawn. I have a 🐕 walk Date at 8:30.

Boyfriend joined the coolest org. Makerspace and tonight he has a meeting/training at their location in my town! (They have a couple different locations! One in his town and one in mine. Both have different stuff in each.)

I.thoight my kids might like that and proposed a membership 4 one at Christmas

They declined offer

He however was interested when my bestie ( who introduced us) told him about the place. I reminded him. I kept reminding him ( my gift to him!)
He joined, so tonight there is a class in my town he is attending to be trained to use some equipment.

Earlier this week he received training on using a laser printer.

The place has this amazing donated equipment from some companies that support the collaborative community project.

A friend of mine from work has a kid that went to some national competition with a group called Kid Wind to present their design of use of solar energy. ( something like that?)
The team was sponsored and coached by engineers who basically hang out at the Makerspace doing cool things.

So after his class we will walk Bellatrix and get to chat.

I have to find energy tomorrow to get my house in order , do some consulting work (I have more in queue now than can get done this week. Some HAS to wait til next week to get done!! Last week was light then all the requests came in at once!!)

I should be sleeping ....yes a nap....😴 💤

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