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2023-09-20 - 12:06 p.m.

DARN library book I was reading and enjoying MIA

I found the bookmark that I thought was in it in my bedroom
so perhaps the book is there somewhere.

It is a book somethign like
How to Write a Memoire

which I am enjoying
written by a rock groupie from the 60s Pamela somebody

She clearly was influenced both by A Course in Miracles and The Artist's Way

Oh and after thought that she gave a nod in her writing to each.

It was a good read while working when it was slow and I did not have any volunteer work to do.
I tend to get my volunteer work done while at my other job.
and guitar practice, and reading and writing.

I have work today so this really is a 2 min vent.

Kid caught flight to Seattle.

They did not respond to my text to please let me know landed safely.

BUT sibling heard from them

so good news.

I am not thrilled that I had put a $50 bill aside with intent to give to them. (Put in a safe spot along with my car key as the car is not yet sold or donated. It is parked at the BF home. I waitied as actually was so called "short listed" for a kicking good full time role. BUT I think the intial interviewer is just very optomistic.

Very much the vibes of Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Vibes of the lovely Indian recruiter working for a staffing agency.

Not even a first interview. NO just a head hunter.

She was far more optimistic than warranted.

I should have known that and not even had any hope.

BUT IT WAS such a great fit.
25 min commute for days in.

My threshold is 30 min.

Although thinking again that maybe I should keep it narrow to the 12 miles to next town and a role I can really bike commute to a couple days a week.

I am quite serious.

I did bike a couple days and felt good!
NO pain.


10 miles Sun
then rode back 10 milesish.. (maybe slightly more, maybe slightly less? Have not mapped it) on Monday morning.

I do feel like I caught a cold!
AND they say getting a chill causing a cold is a myth but I am not so sure.

I did also bike to church Sun morning in the rain as I REALLY WANTED TO GO in person

and was a bit wet- my outer layer did not prove waterproof. My pants were wet. Seat mostly
which might have been sweat now that I think about It?

I did not bring a change of clothes to church, only to work.

OK back to work
In middle of a doc nervous I wanted to flip last night but the scub of it is taking a long time

Another one of those gov cons with the whole freaking kitchen in it. NOT EVEN the whole kitchen sink.

Here is a fun read for yall: oh forget it I can't find the link in my history

But some academics ( three of them ) did a data analysis then study to try to figure out why the heck there is a pattern of all sorts of nonsense flowed down to a prime or subcontrator contract WHICH ARE NOT REQUIRED
and which in fact
Create risk and confusion.

I was looking up one particular provision I had a question about if it did flow down ( as one not seen hundreds of times ....)
I know when to strike most but I STILL "Trust but verify" which is rather tedious work.
I should just strike crap..
but then ...
OH well... I Could and be done in 5 min.

BUT I verify that I am absolutely 100% accurate in my striking of nonsense that is meaningless (or try)

I was proved wrong once.
It was hilarious.
Some one questioned this and then had a meeting to go over each provision I had redlined.

In the end they felt triumphant that I had LEFT IN a provision about use of ball bearings in building whatever...
NO we did not need to include that in the agreement.
It was freaking hilarious actually.

OF course they were outside counsel. Paid by the minute...


I make fun/ made fun of that

BUT now I am paid same but TRY To not waste time over nonsense.

THIS Is important though (albeit tedious. and yes they pay me for something they might not understand the value of)

TRUST ME there is value.


Folks dont' know what requirements they agree to until someone wants to enforce them.
I did not even write about what I wanted to vent about. The money I wanted to give my kid was not there when I went to get it to give to the kid as they were leaving.

DISAPPOINTED!! Only two people were in this house other than me. Don't think the dog took it; don't suspect the kid not going anywhere who doesn't act like they have much anger at me.
Just disappointing.
Their Dad was here to pick them up, and I did mention it as they were leaving-
that I wanted to give the cash so they were not traveling without any
and their Dad said "I don't have any cash"
I wished I had just a few bucks somewhere else, on the slim chance they did not have that bill in their pocket- and also to give a couple smaller bills to be able to get a luggage cart as their Dad also said as they were loading the car
"I am dropping you off at the curb"
and made some comment about the amt of luggage and how the kid would have to navigate it to check it in, (Maybe curbside check in still an option?)
I wished had cash to give so they could get help and tip someone or at least use the luggage cart. I asked "DO you have a bank card to use the luggage cart? Its a couple bucks and you could use one of those."

Well the kid figured it out and is in Seattle with their friend.
School starts on MONDay for them.

Proud of this kid for following their dreams and believing in themself.
I am quite sure this kid will be successful. They were ALWAYS a straight A student until hit depression and was ill and also angry at the lack of support of the school. They are in a different mental space now as well as phycially much improved (by my observation AND the Dr. Medical report of a year ago. The kid can claim otherwise but the testing showed doing well! The kid is also taking care of self and receiving medical care.)

OH one more vent while here..

This is the STUPIDEST thing I have seen.

ANTHEM denied vaccinations for this kid as "not medically necessary"


A $1400 bill arrived for the vaccinations and dr. visit to get them.

Unbelievable. I think two Gardisil shots.

That is a REQUIRED Vaccination now for all kids in school in VA

Took a while but after a while the religious right forgot about this... and were no longer worried GETTING the HPV vaccination would suddenly make 7th graders all go out and have sex

OR ENOUGH Of them had kids get cancer due to their parental incest...
that they decided maybe it is a good idea to not kill their kids....

Just saying...

Maybe some of their kids got cervical cancer.

In any case

It is ridiculous in my view that there was such backlash over vaccination for a known virus that is a leading cause of cervial cancer.

AND IRONIC that a couple of years ago I gave a Christmas gift to EACH family member of a donation in their name ( HA HA Not a great gift) To the Community Coalition of Haiti health clinic that is vaccinating women there, as Cervical cancer from HPV is the #1 KILLER of Hatian women ( so they said at the time.)


I had more money then.

IT was also a reminder card to all the kids

Merry Christmas,
I love you

RESEARCH and you decide if you want to

get this freaking VACCINATION that your other parental unit objected to as a child

cause HPV is considered sexually transmitted and NO YOU ARE NEVER going to be at risk of getting an STD, right?

What the hell.

I am looking at a bill and once done with this work will call anthem and perhaps harness the most hisrotrionic helocopeter mom voice in the world and try to advocate

I can scream

(HA HA) HPV causes crazy cancer growth but it is not medically NECSSARY for my dependant ?

You guys PAID for MY Full hysterectomy

Do you want to cover the vaccine? OR risk paying for that down the road for this dependant ??

Just think about it.

Ridiculous the shit insurance won't cover. Flu vaccine also denied. What the hell? THis is a chronically ill person with asthma history and yes actually considered high risk. Just dumb

Makes me want to follow up with the Office of Civil Rights Attorney cause actually- they have a pending case of denial of services for this kid.

It was kinda on hold. Cause they were waiting on some Supreme Ct. Decisions- one of which was favorable and may make it worth moving forward on it.

Another denial of service. Same person-
SIGH I have little interest to be honest in fighting any battle and just kinda want to move on and clean my home and live in peace.
BUT maybe it will help someone else who has been discriminated against coverage of basic health care based on trans identity.

HOWEVER not likely cause the insurance company will just give OTHER reasons for denial. Nonsense.

OK back to work.

Feel better vented.
Honestly in the end I paid that bill for the bloodwork insurance would not cover based on identity. They denied because the diagnosis "gender dysphoria" Was not COVERED under ANTHEM.

Some bullshit right there.

BUT the one gift I have tried to give all my kids is support with healthcare co pays. I did encouarge them all to go get that vax.

I will pay the darn bill to the Doctor as HER OFFICE should not be stuck with the cost of the vaccine just cause someone is transphobic and they are not covering basic care for my kid.
If office of civil rights takes it up so be it
I will email the attorney with this latest denial as it is the same policy and I think the same bullshit ostensibly for some other nonsense reason.

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