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2023-09-22 - 7:13 p.m.

7pmish and the only reason I am awake is that I am at the part time evening job.
I am tired. Would take a nap if home!
My friends are giving a concert at a chuch just blocks from where I am working just now. They are lovely but I have to say somewhat ditzy,
as I had this date on my calendar for MONTHS
and asked them to confirm if they were playing
but did not hear from them

UNTIL a text last night!


I would have asked for off work tonight if I knew they were playing sooner. I knew the group, a chamber music group they play with , has them play sometimes and I saw that schedule so put it on my calendar. BUT they did not let me know if they were going to be featured. The group has a few concerts a year but not solely of my friends, some other musicians are in the rotation. Maybe someone cancelled at the last minute (another group?) And maybe my friends are filling in? That could be what happened.

They invited me to come or at least meet them afterwards (which is what I did last time they played there!).
I did not even respond yet, cause I was so busy working (consulting)AND still now at work ( but slow here at reception); and I was not sure what my energy level would be.

I have a church obligation at 8:30 AM tomorrow
and I work at 2:30 pm

So a very busy day. I don't want to overdo it- BUT...they do live about an hour at least would love to see them after work if I have energy.
Might not be up for it. I have housework ALSO that has to be done. Oh well.
Think may have to miss this one.
I have videos of the orignial piece my friend wrote capturing my life. REALLY

I have the files on a google drive and they are too big to email or text so have to download them onto a thumb drive one day to give to my crazy talented composer friend.
My boyfriend caught a plane to head to a family wedding ( a niece) this weekend. If he were in town and wanted to go out I would definately find energy to go so these friends could meet him. It is funny as it seems every time he is busy is the time I can get together with them! Last concert I told them about him; then the last time we hung was when he was traveling with cousins to Europe a couple months ago when I met these friends a few weekends in a row and we had a fanastic pool party at our mutual friends incredible place he is caretaker of.
There are some georgous properties around here for sure. It was luxurious, I mean like a fancy resort cause the family that lived there moved already and it was just staged to be sold and our friend was the caretker staying three until it was sold.
Think Great Gatsby style estate. No lie.
I grew up in LI and never hung at those places there at all. But here it has been different as have the pleasure of enjoying some of these beautiful spaces. There is beauty in some of them.(Some are just plain ostentatious, but honestly most are lovely even if ridiculously huge.)

Meanwhile, in my small townhouse I am trying to get rid of STUFF so it is not a cluttered aestetic disaster.

I have far more clothes than I need.
GOAL: every few days pull out 10 items of clothing I really don't need. I may get more aggressive with the number to get done with downsizing faster. BUT even when tired I can pull just ten things at some point during my day. Well, time to chill watching Netflix while work. This job is most chill on Friday nights after 7:30pm. Most visitors leave by then and I just watch some TV. Gilmore Girls is the show I have been watching at work the past couple weeks. I have been enjoying it but really bummed that the ads for the new(ish?) remake popped up with SPOILERs of the story line! I mean I did not want to prematurely know who the love interest who lands with committment is (although it was kinda obvious to me from get go...) OR if and where the kid goes off to college (Spoiler in the freaking AD!) SIGH But I am not one of those who ever read the last page of a book first. I like to try to preserve some sense of curiousity, mystery and anticiption at least- and at times even suspense. BUT that spoiler is what I get for not having watched TV much at all for years! Hard to not find the spoilers or come across them randomly when the shows I am watching were made so long ago.

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