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2023-09-25 - 12:02 a.m.

I like cleaning when no one else is home.

Not sure why.

But when other people are around I suspect it is because there are better things to do.

So tonight as left work I decided to stay in town at my boyfriend's even though he is not here, as I work at 7am Tomorrow.

I was tired.
But, even though he cleans pretty well regularly, I noticed one thing needing tending to- the bathroom has a couple rugs

And I thought it's floor could use a quick mopping. SO I grabbed the rugs and threw them in the wash and grabbed the mop

But in ADHD fashion of course decided before using bleach solution to disinfect the bathroom I might as well use dome plain hot water and catch the dust on stairs with the mop.

Oh my, the amount of hair just from a couple stairs surprised me!
Of course I kept going.....

Now so much for going yo bed early and nixing drive home for about 40 min more sleep.


To bed now...after mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing three throw rugs and dusting.oh yeah and the few dishes ( coffee mugs and just one plate) from day last here when we both co worked before I took him to the airport.)

Heck I stay here often. He is super sweet and washes laundry I leave.

I try to contribute to chores here. He is on top of them pretty good so I don't get opportunity much.

I guess in cleaning mode still! I cleaned the heck out of my house yesterday! The whole place dine but for my bedroom which I will tackle as soon as find time. It was really long overdue to get clutter out of my house. I dropped off a few things to a thrift store today on the way into work.

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