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2023-09-26 - 8:51 p.m.

I am super tired. Like delerious tired.

Am at one part time job about to head out. I will go to my boyfriend's as he lives close by and he is back in town after the weekend away and I really have not seen him yet, but for a quick 5 minutes before he laid down for a needed nap. He was still recovering from travel and some drinking ( very rare for him) with family at the wedding he went to. (Younger folks- his nephew so I am sure they were all up late and could handle such much better than he! LOL)

I mean he drank , self reported on the Sat night. When old I swear still in recovery from missed sleep days later LOL

He tends to miss sleep for work
or for poker once in a while. (I know nothing about poker but apparently in tournaments if you are pretty good you are in for a long run. Good thing last tournament he played was a daytime one- I think that MUCH more practical! He things the folks ready to just have fun and lose some money are playing at he tends to prefer to play the late night games because he is more likely to come home with cash than the bigger risk at the day games with some of the semi-pros and he thinks some of the better players at tournaments.)

I know nothing of poker but from what I hear it sounds like he is good enough at it.I prefer this addiction over substances for sure-
and hey I have a type. The passionate types often do obsess.

over something.

So sleep soon.

I was up working at 4am as had some documents to create to send out today.
I drafted a five contracts today actually.

And worked my other two jobs.
It was a long day.

Oh, and had a job interview.

When asked if I wanted full time I said YES

I mean it might in reality mean working less hours for more money. I am still not sure
but feel like after the years of experience the kind of work that was HARD 10 years ago that required lots of effort for me to be detail oriented now is frankly easy.

YEAH I realize it is easy now after all the years of doing it.

Tomorrow is another day.
My goal is to crank out another 5 docs.

10 in one week for a part time client that does not pay me benefits or health insurance made me think-

YEAH it is time for a full time role. Cause they are leveraging me as their expert as if I am the full time person.

Will see...

The alcohol not his norm anymore for sure

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