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2023-09-27 - 3:21 p.m.

3:30 pm officially starting work today

Is that procrastinating?

OK I did make one call. To a PM to explain that the questions in the comments in the document were important and I think were overlooked.

I have a number of SOWs to write

Love this company supporting

But they have some PMs not really that experienced. Awesome people; awesome skills some well experienced and some will grow into the jobs to become rock stars. We all have to start somewhere.

I just prefer when I don't have to write SOWs as I am not the project manager and really the PM should have full ownership of that piece. I should just EDIT to ensure language is clear and has nothing that creates risk by lack of clarity.


But large tech companies are GREAT at that piece and smalls need help to learn that this is honeslty one of the most important parts of any contract.
The ACTUAL scope of work has to be really clear.
It is where expectaitons are set.

If unclear that is where you get challenges; disappotinments; misunderstandings etc.

It takes alot of mental energy looking at requirements and specifications etc.

I LOVE this kind of drafting truth be told. BUT I can't do it quicky as have to be thorough.

It is SLOWER than the review of legal langaage or even drafting language to fill a gap.
Cause services and products are UNIQUE for each project.

I have to read client specifications and figure out what the heck is being done or sold and understand the nuanced technical aspects well
to know what risks and what legal issue to be mindful are addressed in the legal mumbo jumbo.

I don't like rushing.

A template is just a start.

And It gets tiring

so I can be on point for a while- like all day yesterday.

I was drafting while hosting/receptionist

IT was GREAT as so easy to focus while just answer a phone and routing a call ( that is easy)
The work in that enviroment HELPS me focus and draft.

I have secure VPN so can work on my documents while taking the occassional call and greeting the visitor to ensure they sign in.

I mean the responsibility of the reception job is to be aware and attentive and available

BUT The interruption of focus on a doc is just a moment here and there

SO it is GREAT to be there and I rock the document drafting etc.

Its like working at ANY OFFICE.

I mean seriously

No more or less distraction than when in the company office ( less in fact. I hear the whole room but the banter etc in a retirement community is FUN background noise)

I mean it is not stuff that I am going to hear and find distracting from focus.

I recall working in office and hearting every call from a shared office space and mentally taking it ALL in and processing it all

At the same time

MUCH more distracting when I want to dig into one contract.

SO I rocked yesterday.

BUT Today NEEDED A DAY OFF. After working 5 days straight in the healthcare jobs while moonlighting ( getting up early reading and working on consultant work both before, during and after sitting at those desks) THEN on the evening shift having actual Healthcare training-

ironically HIPPA and Privacy, including computer security


I needed to rest this AM.

WED was my day off this week. This morning the only day off. So I took off ( OK one business call at 12:15 to the PM to explain what I need moving forward from him)
BUT in interest of getting it done I will draft his SOWs
I will edit as discussed
cause he missed the quesitons and edits I asked him to clarify and give guidance on in writing

BUT He did it verbally
10 minute call hashed out all questions

BUT Then I came home ( I worked til 9, crashed at boyfriends' , slept in as NEEDED REST enjoyed a walk as darn I really needed exercise, we picked up food at my fav deli and caught the bus home - he has his car back I used the last 5 days)
I got home but had to CLEAN the house, strighten up etc.. laundry moved, dishes done, ran the vacume. Etc..

Open house to find a new tenant is tonight and tomorrow.

OK so it was Not REALLY procrastinating but putting my personal needs first; keeping balance

I am a consutlant
If you want a person on point 9-5 every day hire an employee and pay benefits.


As a consulant I do not act like I do as an employee.

As a consultant YES I put myself first.

So not really procrastination, just life balance. And I have come a long way baby

your lack of sending me the jobs you MEANT to send a month ago ( which one day last week an HR director asked a PM if we were doing--)
so I get a request for what... 10 contracts all at once? Well yeah I know you want them all yesterday
I am not going to kill myself to get stuff done cause someone else had poor planning.

I am going to work hard now this afternoon and tomorrow to get it done.

BUT I had to take this self care morning, and then home care early afternoon.

And now will make a cup of tea and get to it.

And you know it is not procrastination to choose to take care of one's own needs FIRST and THEN put need of others next in line.

That is a shift I worked hard at achieving. I am reminding myself that this is a good, healthy boundary and it is not a crisis I did not flip something the next day. It was sent with incomplete information and half done ( from where it should have been done before sending to me) So I can track down all the missing pieces and get it done but that takes time and I will get is done ASAP AFTER getting my own house in order.

That is keeping me sane.
Sleep and self care came first today.

This is the writing to affirm that is perfectly OK!
(And reminder I curated clients who ARE OK with this for this reason!) HONESTLY The CEO rocks and she set very reasonable expectations and I am meeting them. PMs sending me request for 10 docs all at one it is obvious I can't flip them all back within 49 hrs!!

So back at it.
Feel better. 3:45 start time. Going to make some tea.
And I shut off the radio as it was all talk of gov shutdown

PEEPS that is not going to happen. They have this talk every Sept. It is post tramautic fear cause it DID happen in past. I will be very suprised if it happens again.

It just did make me review force majure provisions which only help services providers sometimes...
Good article on Linked in made me feel much better about NOT including one. They are problematic and for subs ( I am working on subcontracts for labor on a project now) I don't want OUR labor to have an out.. I want them to deliver so leaving that out. We can get out of obligations if there is legal impossibility
that need not be spelled out as it is already legal status quo law

A provision would be more of a risk than less of a risk for us.

OK talking shop

It is also not procrastination when choose to clean as really want to think about an issue and read some perpectives and look at the contract before me and decide if I wnat to include something missing or if in best interest for it to not be there and remain silent on an issue.

Omissions are often very intentional. This is the stuff that happens in the brains of drafters. While we are doing dishes.

SO procrastination?? NO

I kinda wish when turned on the radio it was not buzz of what is going on in capital hill.

SECRET: I love those upbeat Christian Rock stations sometimes! HA HA YEAH They get irritating after a day or so
BUT at times I love the HAPPY bubble
"Positive Encouraging hits"
and the positive vibes that I can get in groove of when driving or doing dishes.


Funny I had that on when housecleaning the other day and it was on when my realtor had open house! HA HA

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