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2023-10-07 - 1:20 p.m.

I accidentally hit a number on my phone
It was the doggie daycare

I have not written about the Ren Faire Day

It was really so sweet that my Boyfriend got tickets for my youngest and I to both join him in meeting some of his oldest friends there, and found both the dog daycare to bring the dog with us
AND found an Air BNB that allowed the dog to stay with us
so that then we could leave from there to go camping at the beach for the next four days. ( Ended up being three - three days with the two nights as three nights overambitious. We would not have gotten back in time for him to work Thu and he really did have to get back to work too... he couldn't' take that day off)

This man has been so amazing. Going out of his way to go above and beyond.

I do hope I show enough apprechiation and gratitude and would love to do something special for him too. I mean I think he does so much for me.

Something other than just stopping work obesssion for even one afternoon.

I am so grateful he could get me to that space to stop work obsession...
and to enjoy the beach.

The Ren Faire was really fun. There was so much to see there it being the first time, so not time to go catch everything.
My one friend said "Good luck getting past the glassblowers. They are mesmerizing"

But we did not stop to watch them and as leaving I thought of that comment and realized it-

We missed them. There was no one demonstrating as we were leaving as checked out that booth. So that means of course there is reason to go back as that is one thing it would be worth going back to see!

I really enjoyed every moment of it. The live shows we saw the bad magician ( not really bad- he was entertaining) The acrobats ( I mean those ladies do this same show multiple times in each day the fair is open. WOW What energy and stamina!)

The owls
the falcon show.

My kid actually really liked the bird shows!! She was very interested and after sitting thought the first wanted to go back for the owl show.

I just had one weird moment of worry about these poor birds in captivity... as I saw them all on perches attached to chains clipped into their feet- wondering how those were affixed and wondering what the PETA folks say about that...

BUT I stopped myself from overanalyzing that in the moment...


but now is a good time to analyze this

BUT first-



or a good way to make some cash?

I met a young couple who just bought a home- lovely home. Not their first as their first is an investment property down South somewhere , perhaps purchased through some site like the above.

They are so excited and it is a lovely home in WV.

BUT... where is the place they are making money on in the South? Are they really absentee landlords? OR are they responsible?
I just don't know about the ETHICS of real estate investment in REITS

I see REITS owning things like Retirement communities and not caring about the quality of care anymore. They look at them a "Commercial Properties"
in other words this is what is running up the cost of healthcare
and making the rich richer and the poor poorer-



I kinda think they are overall more harmful to society than good. They make a few people rich at the expense of others.

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