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2023-10-10 - 6:03 a.m.

My Lyft driver was early , I was late yes. Late. Cause of the 5 min freak out panic while getting ready after the leisurely, calming, centering relaxed dog walk
Not rushed
Apprechiated the moon
The peaceful calm pre- dawn

Then making breakfast

I has to hunt for my good tin of loose Roobos Red

Kinda wanted to Kickstart day special.

Far too much time spent trying to make the perfect cup of tea to bolster confidence.

I had scanned the closet and saw the dress
Found the rightshoes
With the right purse

A fab Fall Dooney & Burke a georgous burnt orange leather

Gifted to me by the sweetest CNA. A gal so steadfast in her professional care of others, In hee early 60s who settled here after 30 plus years on the LI Eastern shore ( SE?) In a beachy kinda small town.

My Lyfy driver was chatty
But distracted , noticed first by me as we flew past the park and ride and I Said " wait that's it "

Wait really the wrong word

But it was 5:37 when I hopped in the Lyft

Grateful he had waited as of couse after finally settling on a Numi bag of Roobos Red with the startling word " Decaffeinated " on the box ( realizing the tea thief is the one who was so paranoid of me tskimg their tea which no, once opened you cannot pack to ship with you when one moves to Asia as customs froens upon unmarked not clearly labeled loose herbs/leaves crossing borders)

And giving up on finding the ceramic lid to my Fav Fall coffee to go container ( ok tea to go container) which just a couple weeks ago was right there on the counter as I recall cringing as my youngest used it to place discarded match sticks in it after we lit candles when the power went out).

Ok no to go container today...

I looked at the time and apparently the 10 min to get dresses was not enough
To wash and dress

Mainly cause it took more time to find the black stockings than expected....
So was just a bit late catching the lyft to the bus stop.

So as lyft driver was turning around after passes bus depot I watched thst early bus drive by.
He in fact honked, I think to signal slow down.

I realized then the guy missed it as he is a speedy driver which does not serve one well in the pitch dark of the countryside.

Now in the light of train on I see the run in the stocking. Lol

I find that hilarious.

Almost as funny as that the only black stockings were the one received as Christmas gift with tge sexuslized Asian woman marketing I found so distasteful and tacky from the guy soon to be gone

He was not worthy


But true.

As waa leaving realized I had not figured out jacket! 45 degrees out

As scanned the closet I saw it

I am heading to National Convention. Kinda a bid deal for women owned businesses
Feels like the equivalent of a rich girls debutante ball but a business coming out into DC " society" for the women who run businesses that provide services.

( My bestie in town from CA stuck on my couch with a sprained ankle and I caught a cold so was stuck home from work all weekend as cancelled all health care gigs and church obligations and we jave been binge watching Gilmore Girls.)

So there it was , the perfect jacket to match my black striped businesses dress and practical pumps:

Black velvet, bell sleeves, wide collar with Saatun trim on a scooped neck set off by three shiny black centered buttons, fitted at the waist, very sharp but not conservative.

Stunning jacket.

I am showing up my authentic self.

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