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2023-10-12 - 6:37 p.m.

DANG the news is not good today. Israel...

I got very upset personnally reading that the student in TX who refused to cut his dreds is being sent to an alternative school

for "failure to follow regulations."

The comments that this may have been deserved, that the student must be troublesome just upset me

Cause its the same thinking that was present when there were assumptions that as a mother I MUST have done something wrong, that there must have been more to the story than my kids having shown up a few minutes late to school regularly. (The only "more" was the vindictive ex husband in my case.)

The discrimination against this black boy , not accepting his identity being expressed in a hairstyle that some could call a cultural hairstyle- found in black culture, most often I suppose Island culture,,, thinking Jamaican etc..
dreds a Rastafarian thing, right?

just reminds me of the same action that my own local high school tried to take of sending my trans kid to the "alernative school"

They failed because I fought the school on that and hired an attorney to do so, BUT had I not been able to come up with that $5K to do so my kid would NOT have graduated their local high school.

I just felt sad and my heart goes out to this boy and his family and the TWO OTHER Students cited in the news article who were subject to such racist discimination prior who actually DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL.

I caught that detail in the article. Two other students just LEFT.

The thing is there were many more we never heard of and will never hear the story of.

That is the sad reality.
There are too many who are pushed out of spaces/places/ school/work /homes/churches etc

and because someone else does not want the discomfort of being around the unfamiliar.

That is so sad to me. Heartbreaking.

I have a new heat pump!

It was installed today!

The fellas are just figuring out how to get the thermostat working. There is some problem it seems with the electrical wiring going to it. UH Oh...
voltage not high enough? They are trouble shooting to see why the thermostat was not working. That was the last step of the job.
They put a simple one in and it was not working.

They said "Shhh... Don't tell, you are getting an upgrade" as they thought it was the unit itself-
so they took it out and put in the Google NEST

but something is still off- as it is not working still

So they are troubleshooting.
I am sure they will figure it out.

Two guys who have done this work a while training a newbie.

Nice fella who said he had recently moved here and he needed work on his new home and they offered him a job as they needed help.


Guy reported to another "Outside unit not running"

that would be the heat pump.
They said it was a wiring issue for the thermostat... hope it gets identified and fixed.
Can't worry.. just wait.

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