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2023-10-25 - 8:53 a.m.

The heat pump not working. Neither heating nor cooling is happening when it is turned on.
I knew there was an issue they were trying to figure out when it was installed.

I think they left knowing it did not work. They were just done after a long day.

I think they expect me to call and to have to come back and figure it out.

New tenant moves in Friday.
I do have an AC unit still in the window and there are space heaters, so no worry about when they come back frankly.

I am sure they will fix it.
ON today's to do:

Call to get that fixed.
Call to donate my dead Kia which has been parked in my boyfriend's driveway until I could figure out what to do with it. I tried to sell it. Had an ostensible offer that I accepted, but they never called to arrange pick up.
No luck when tried to call them.

They likely have some computer making purchases for them and then they review and follow up on most-
but saw KIA and were like "heck no, not worth it."

CALL To give my insurance info to the radiology office where I am getting a CAT scan of my right upper ribcage/lung.

This is for the diagnosis of the bruising of my rib(s) from when richocheted a few feet bouncing of the side of the SUV that hit me as its driver had been inattentive, looking at his cell phone, and furthermore did not even signal before turning into the entrance to the gas station in which I had already been walking at a good pace.

I was walking rather quickly at the moment, and saw him looking at his phone as turning and thought "Oh shit, he does not see me!" as I tried to stop moving-
maybe I was stopped, maybe my foot was going backwards to back up
I don't know as the hit and then being thrown about three feet happened so quickly.

All I do know is I know what I saw, and then I and my glasses and guitar went flying.

The glasses flew off my head
and I really first thought I saw a lens go flying out of them- but later when retrieved them they were intact. No damage. (That was weird. I think what I saw was in fact part of a rear red light cover that must have landed there and when my glasses hit the ground bounced on it and flew that in the air- as I also saw that on the ground nearby.)

The guitar flew off my pack actually and feel to the right a few feet away. I mean it was on my back with loose straps. It flew off and to the right

*I don't reacall landing on it or moving it at all.

Its strange as I thought the impact would have been more left side than right but it is the right upper ribs still sore.

At first I was sore there and in the left forearm and right wrist. Both seemed like they were ok, just bruised, and I had no sign of head injury - just soreness
so opted not to call an ambulance.

So despite running into my old OB/GYN who is now a Medical Director and him validating my choice to not go to the ER- ( He too got hit by a car - oh but he was in his car- and then walked away. Funny I WATCHED that accident happen years ago in front of me just before the turn into our local Target one Sat morning!)
he said "If you had a punctured lung you would feel lots of pain in your sternum.",

I am still glad to have followed up by going to my primary, and then armed with orders from her- got an Xray of my left wrist ( which hurt more than the right), and the right forearm- which had bruised badly,
AND to have scheduled the CAT scan.

The dumn thing is the outpatient clinic near the hospital that is close by takes my insurance for x rays but NOT for the CAT scan! So I had to reschedule the CAT scana radiology center on the other side of town ( WAY Other side- 30 min ride from home)
which does take my insurance.

I have that sceduled for next week.

call to give them my insurance info ( I did not have the card on me when set up the appt.)

CHANGE LOCKS for new tenant and get keys ready for him.

He moves in on Friday.

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