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2023-10-24 - 5:02 p.m.

OMG So happy I just found THE BEST place to plug in and work outside of home and outside of other workplaces-
which has great internet service with fast connection, and which I can use the secure VPN from

AND which won't cost me a fortune ( OK not a fortune-I exaggerate but EXTRA) in coffee and tea or overpriced salads.

I like coffee and tea and salads, but I am unusual in that I enjoy them more when I paid a smaller amt for them at home than when I pay alot out.
I mean the salad for $12 WAS lovely

BUT it was a salad. That kinda hurts to pay that much really just to have internet access.

OK it did have a marvelous soft creamy cheese, now that I think about it, that made it worth it when plugged into the lovely cofee shop I went to last week. Oh yeah.. and the beets. They were good! I was a lovely salad actually that I truly enjoyed ,but add on a Chai tea and later a coffee and I spent about $25 that day for access to internet to work securely. It was nice but it was WORK. I mean I would not mind dropping that on an Artist Date out to the same space with a novel or poetry book or journal in hand! But it was work.

So, it is so great to have an option when I don't want to even spend a dollar to have access and get my work done!

Librarys are the best. Especially small hidden ones that people kinda forget about or just don't frequent much. There was one off the beaten path that I used to drive way out in the country to take my kids to as it was so cozy and lovely.

I just need a break after a long day at work.
It was mostly the retirement community work.

I never sent out an agenda and invite for a meeting I typically hold on tuedsays for a client I serve. We have a weekly touch base. Its good to have.
OH YEAH I mentioned this before

the weekly FAIL of internet access.

Well today it happened again. See my part time receptionist job workplace is so freaking awesome and supportive of my OTHER gig...the consulting work, and so apprechiative that I will do things like come in when the full time gal has COVID ( just as a hypothetical example)
and propably cause I also do things like find the big old bottle of hand sanitizer and refill containers ( when Maintenance somehow did not do it yet... oh wait, maybe not, they might not have noticed I do that. ) But I do things like clean out the impacted ice maker and occassionally melt and dump the big block of fused cubes no one can use - discinfect the apparatus on the fridge and conainter to fill ice and get it going again. I find this very gratifying. I mean it really improves quality of life when resident can get ice with a drink! I am sure they will notice it come happy hour. I just do these things quietly when have time and don't actually call attention to the things I see needing done, I just do them.
I DO know they apprechiate my efforts.

Have to have one brag
I think I did a fine job today of encouraging one gal to stay in her room. Pretty good at re-direction and positive happy interaction with her when she comes out,
which is way better than the arguing and combative response she gives some...

I tried to share the tactics that worked with co worker who took over after I left. The half dozen very small but still satisfying cups of ice cream in the freezer were there for him to use. He is kinda quiet so hope can get her to chat and feel like visiting with a friend. She has an infectious illnes but is also a bit lacking trust and did not want to stay in her room. I found the better tactic is to just bring her something she LOVES like ice cream and go visit with her for a few minutes and chat about her family and ask her to show her pictures. She loves to talk of the 10 siblings! YES one of 11! I in fact get such a kick out of talking to her...
even when having the same conversations over and over again.

I joked last night however she bonded with me over stockholm I first followed the directions of advising her she had to stay in her room quarantined. Forget it-
it was combative.
Then the sign made to help which helps MANY in such situations, was a trigger as she would read the sign reminding her and get upset and storm OUT of her room in anger at the direction to please not leave her room!

I finally wised up and removed it.

Monday is typically my day of rest. I spent a couple hours in the AM tackling the task of cleaning out my closet, drawer, storage bins and anywhere my clothes have been stashed. My youngest said "Mom you were good at insisting we all go through our clothes and get rid of things but you never did that yourself!"
She also said " Because you have a massive closet!"

I just never found time!
and true the closet is a nice size. (NOT massive. But I did move from a place with a massive closet at one time. Hmmm... It got made into a new bedroom. It was obsecenely large and at the time I could not FATHOM who would ever use such a large closte. Twenty plus years later I can envision my things on its long knocked down shelfs)
For months I have been throwing out shoes.
That was my first downsize. Any shoes that hurt my feet in any way got tossed. I would wear cute sandles or heels to work, then throw them out upon arrival home.

Unfortunately I have not healed 100% from either the running injury groin pull on the right leg (from 2 yrs ago? I think?) OR the overzealous biking injury in my left leg- almost the same muscle? It feels like it! After a day of being on feet at all I find myself limping a bit and dont even know which to favor or how to adjust- WELL the overcompensation for the first injury is maybe now being corrected?

I did get a referral for a physical therapist and can go in for PT which is on my TO DO list.

I need to get a CAT SCAN
as have one more ailment. This is the dumbest thing. Some guy was not paying attention, and hit me when he was driving and I was walking.

YEAH, did I mention that here yet?

I was HIT by a car.

Thrown a few feet but just sore, at the time.

I figured I was bruised and would heal. I just couldn't see calling police and using resources for what I saw as a non emergency stupid driving move.

The guy was far more freaked than me. I was scared for a split second, then angry -
cursed a bit "I can't 3h42%*$& believe this is happening! He just hit me!"

But calm by the time he pulled over and stopped and some kind lady who saw it came over to check on him and me both.

She was kind.
I was OK


Opted to just catch a ride home from the lovely hair dresser from one town over. She was a very claming presence actually. Common sense kinda person. Fine with me saying "I am ok"
The driver did call me to check on me and said "If you need anything let me know"

I took a photo of his plate.

Told him "No worrying, but I will reach out if anything turns up and need anything."

I am OK
but for a bruised rib (or two?)

bus here

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