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2023-10-26 - 2:52 p.m.

I am not the best with money and budgeting and accounting. Which is why it is always startling to me when in workplaces I am the one to see issues with pricing or billing and help.
I mean ME???

But... I have worked those billing/invoicing portals etc...
its not that I am not GOOD at that part.
I am not good at TRACKING and balancing my OWN books.

So I just checked my account

and OOPS I bounced TWO items today!
ITS CLOSE to end of month and my new tenant is moving in just a couple days early-
technically tomorrow,
as he needs to do it when off work,

BUT then it turned out he picked up another shift (or two) and I think is working a double tomorrow. So he wanted to just get the keys and then move in on SAT.
I am working All day tomorrow ( double as well- at both jobs) then Sat and Sun as usual.

SO I did manage to get the keys to him.I just did so EARLY. The realtor said he gave the check to her office and we both have no reason to believe he would move in and stiff me! I am sure he will give me the check!
that is how it works,

First month rent and security deposit.

AND The deal is the realtor gets their cut which is equivalent of one month's rent. I think worth it as it is a PIA and WORK to find a tenant. I was happy to outsource it and think I have a good tenant.

ANOTHER bus driver! The last was/ is actually still of course! A bus driver.

BUT DARN Somehow I don't know how, I got overzealous and paid a bill not even yet due. BUT its like compulsive bill paying. And knowing the whole big picture of the month income in my head to speak...

BUT Not running numbers and doing that STUPID impulsive ADHD thing of bill paying when I get the bill right away.

YEAH Some manic shop. I manic bill pay! (HA HA) so it seems .... if even bi-polar impulsivity
or just ADHD impulsivity
or just PTSD PANIC at having debt. I have some but it freaks me out truth be told more than ANYTHING
It PAINS Me to hear friends do things like take out a home equity line of credit ....for whatever reason, but especially to pay off credit cards.. YEAH I KNOW how stressful that is to have them.. BUT
even with a lower interest rate on a HELOC

"NOOOOOO!!!"""" Just no!!
WHY would you create a SECURED DEBT and turn unsecured debt into secured debt?
And put your own house at risk??

Done with rant...
here to vent
I kinda FORGOT one thing.
That I was sick.
That I took off work. Sure low wage job...
but ya know the pay check that just was deposited, for all of $50somehting dollars for one shift that week worked from the one job...
a bit over 100 from the other workplace...
OOPS When used to 300 to 400 from the one job and again more from the other low wage job.

DARN How did I fail to in my brain ( when doing accounting in my brain) realize I have not those checks due to time taken off??

Just should not have paid a monthly payment on the actual debt I did decide to take out to get my heat pump installed. OOPS

AND it does work now. The guys came back and found a ground wire was disconnected which is kinda important to be connected to the thermostat for the thing to work. .
that is fixed.
I just decided it is better to get the heat pump in during this in between phase between tenants.

So bad news two bills bounced- 70 total insuccificient funds fees. I have said it before I should hire a personal accountant. BUT then they would likely cost more I suppose- BUT If they could do bookeeping for less that the occassional overdraft fees I would be so happy to hire help for this!

Back to work.
Just bummed. And have to get paid from my own consulting company as well.

Just annoying when pay day is just so close...
but did not get paid yet!!
And know it is coming.

Psycologically I KNEW I was being paid and just did not run numbers as was not worried cause KNOW this month made enough to pay bills--
BUT AGAIN that bad habit of rounding of things
be it money
or dates
Precision with numbers not my thing

And it does make a difference when MY PAY DAY is the last Friday of the month but there are a couple bills on a cycle of being autopaid on the 25th.

Those bill due the 25th are irritating. Pay day always just days after that day. each month.
This month did not have it BEFORE THEN!

and the tenant's check is going to escrow. SIGH
oh well...
My pay will be transferred from the business account to me soon enough and then I will balance it out again. It is just silly as honestly I could have just paid myself a little EARLY but did not pay enough attention.

Did I mention I hate accounting? OK not really... not when doing it, moreso I hate when don't do it with precision and "estimate" or "guestimate" which is not a good financial plan. It is conjoined with impulsive bill paying of a bill that came which is not even due ....and somehow the math in my head was wrong. I thought I had JUST enough to cover the bills. WRONG. I should have pulled open a spreadhseet and run the numbers.

SO dumb.
Well life goes on.
Done with vent
Back to work.
To earn money to pay the bills.

AND NOV will be better! I get to KEEP that rent check to go toward bills and can breath a bit easier.

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